Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Robert Cohen is a highly principled scientific research and benefactor whose website “www.notmilk.com” is a wealth of data arguing AGAINST drinking milk, shared this about the powerful green – watercress – of which, thankfully, we have a plenty on our farm.

Nutrient-Dense Powerhouse Salads

“It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more
important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.”
 – Meryl Streep

On July 16, 2019, B&W Quality Growers (of Bellsmere, Florida)
finally (after many years of trying) received Kosher certification
for its healthy Watercress leaves which will soon be sold in
bags in your local supermarket produce section just like baby
kale leaves or baby spinach leaves or arugula or dozens of
other healthy products. This has been a long time coming for
me as I am a big fan of watercress which is often hard to find.
I’ve been unable to figure out the reason as watercress is
the number one nutrient-dense food one can consume.
I once toured the kitchen of Barry Wine, innovative
proprietor of New York City’s 4-star ‘Quilted Giraffe’
restaurant. I will never forget the magnificent taste of
a bowl of watercress soup that he insisted I sample,
which he ladled from a pot atop his six-burner stove.
Portuguese oncologists targeted colon cancer stem cell
growth and proliferation with watercress extracts and found
that such treatment impaired the ability of tumors to 
replicate. Their study was published in the April, 2017
edition of ‘Nutrients.’
The United States Centers For Disease Control (CDC)
distributes a monthly publication which aids consumers
in preventing disease. The appropriately named
peer-reviewed journal: ‘Preventing Chronic Disease’.
CDC’s journal Preventing Chronic Disease included a
study in which nutrient-dense “powerhouse fruits and
vegetables” were analyzed. The author Jennifer included
a list of perfect foods which they recommended become
a part of our diet. After applying a complex analyses to
about four dozen fruits and vegetables traditionally
considered nutrient-dense, these were ranked 17 highest:
Watercress (100)
Chinese cabbage (92)
Chard (89)
Beet green (87)
Spinach (86)
Chicory (73)
Leaf Lettuce (71)
Parsley (66)
Romaine Lettuce (63)
Collard green (62)
Turnip green (62)
Mustard green (61)
Endive (60)
Chive (54)
Kale (49)
Dandelion green (46)
Red pepper (41)
Be it smoothie or salad, you should seek out
any and all of the above! 

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