But my DOCTOR says “No”

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: What is your doctor qualified to teach you?

Question: What to do if your cancer doctor or oncologist is ignorant about or mistaken about the benefits of seed nutrition and the anti-inflammatory diet? For example, one partner writes: “My customer who has a brain tumor has been told by her oncologist that she is not allowed tumeric or antioxidants. She is taking SOUL and CORE. I think there’s no tumeric in SOUL and CORE, but what about the antioxidants? That could be a problem but I thought to check with you. Thanks. She says she is reluctant to stop SOUL and CORE since she’s feeling so much better since starting taking them (of course).

In instances where your “health professional” only knows about and endorses patented, synthetic, prescription drugs which deliver both benefit as well as bad side-effects, you would be wise to do three things: 1) Ask WHY the doctor has this opinion to stop something like tumeric or SOUL and CORE. Learn what the scientific rationale it. 2) When they say ANYTHING like: “It will interfere with the treatment I am giving the patient.” ask for clarification: “Are you saying that since chemo and radiation work by oxidizing cancer cells that my taking anti-oxidants will hinder the treatment and somehow rescue the cancer cells?” The doctor will say “Yes” then ask him or her what scientific studies support that assumption, 3) Now this is the FUN part. There is none. All the scientific studies report PARADOXICALLY that anti-oxidants do NOT interfere with chemo and radiation. In fact, what they do is protect YOU and your healthy cells from the chemo and radiation while not interfering with the treatment.Here is the report on this: https://weeksmd.com/2009/05/should-i-stop-antioxidants-when-i-get-chemo-or-radiation/ (Search also at www.weeksmd.com these terms: “antioxidant chemo”)

Lastly, ask your cancer doctor whether they would want you to take a substance along with the chemo and radiation therapy which will enhance the killing effect of chemo and radiation on the cancer cells while at the same time, minimizing the side-effects (hair loss, nausea, immune suppression, cachexia, etc.) of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Would they think that THAT would be a good thing? (If not, question the logical ability of your doctor!)If they are intrigued, tell them that the MAIN ingredient in SOUL is black cumin seed and an active component of black cumin seed is thymoquinone. Then share these references from peer-reviewed scientific literature: TITLE: Thymoquinone: potential cure for inflammatory disorders and cancer. SOURCE Biochem Pharmacol. 2012 Feb 15 ;83(4):AUTHOR: Chern Chiuh Woo

SUMMARY “The combination of thymoquinone and conventional chemotherapeutic drugs could produce greater therapeutic effectas well as reduce the toxicityof the latter.”


TITLE: Thymoquinone: a promising anti-cancer drug from natural sources. SOURCE Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2006;38(8):1249-53.AUTHOR Gali-Muhtasib, H; SUMMARY Thymoquinone (TQ) is the bioactive constituent of the volatile oil of black cumin seed. It has been shown to exert anti-neoplastic and anti-inflammatory effects. The combination of TQ with clinically used anti-cancer drugs has led to improvements in their therapeutic index and prevents non-tumor tissues from sustaining chemotherapy-induced damage.

Remember, a doctor is a teacher. The word “doctor” derives from the Latin “ducere” meaning to lead or teach. There are many types of doctors: doctors of divinity, or English literature, of law/jurisprudence of astrophysics etc. there are MDs and PhDs and DOs and so forth. “Doctor” means teacher, but teachers of different subjects. Each doctor can teach about her or his area of study. You would not ask a doctor of English literature to instruct you on drug options. You would ask that of a medical doctor. But a medical doctor is only taught about, and therefore is only knowledgable about, medicines… so your medical doctor is only qualified to advise about drugs. PERIOD. The medical doctor was taught next to nothing about 1) diet, 2) nutritional supplements, 3) exercise, 4) sleep and all other lifestyle factors, so their opinions on these topics is UNQUALIFIED. Know that your medical doctor is qualified to teach about patented prescription drugs and little else. But if they are scientifically oriented which is to say if they are open minded, then your cancer doctor can learn from all you DOCTORS of SEED NUTRITION – since you are all fabulous teachers of this new health recovery field! Continue raining health and wealth all around you and all around the world.

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