Sulfur, Sulfate and the Boogie Man

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: All my life, we Americans have been taught the irrational fear of one of the most beneficial of all human substances: cholesterol. Knowing what I have learned over the past 35 years of studying medicine and practicing holistic health, I am astonished at the thoroughness of the deception or misunderstanding. Plainly stated, cholesterol is not and never has been an independent risk factor for heart disease or any other disease. When it becomes oxidized, it becomes dangerous – as is the case with ALL biochemical substances. When it is exposed to inflammation, it becomes dangerous – as is the case with ALL biochemical substances. This is a huge topic so rather than belabor the issues I will refer you to three resources 1) the cholesterol skeptics, 2) the cholesterol paradox and 3) the fact that cholesterol (C27H46O) differs from the hugely beneficial vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol ~ C27H44O) by only 1 double bond! They are practically identical! (Many thanks to Prof. Stephanie Seneff for opening my eyes to the last fact).

But this post is also about sulfur and its importance. Sulfur is the 4th most plentiful substance in the human body. but when was the last time you wondered about whether your sulfur metabolism was optimized? Did you know that all hormones needs to be SULFATED before they an travel in the blood stream and be functional? Did you know that epsom salts help your aches and pain not only because of the magnesium, but also because of the sulfur?

And did you know that that cholesterol plug in your heart’s blood vessel is an adaptive effort by your body to heal the inflammation which is damaging your heart? I didn’t either .. not until a non-MD who knows more about health and healing that do most faculties of medicine at medical schools, again Prof. Seneff, taught me. Watch her YOU TUBE lecture HERE and stop fearing the boogey man! Take your anti-inflammatory seeds and live long while prospering!

Cholesterol sulfate in human physiology

What’s it all about?

Charles A. Strott 1 and Yuko Higashi

Section on Steroid Regulation, Endocrinology and Reproduction


Cholesterol sulfate is quantitatively the most important known sterol sulfate in human plasma, where it is present in a concentration that overlaps that of the other abundant circulating steroid sulfate, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) sulfate. Although these sulfolipids have similar production and metabolic clearance rates, they arise from distinct sources and are metabolized by different pathways. While the function of DHEA sulfate remains an enigma, cholesterol sulfate has emerged as an important regulatory molecule. Cholesterol sulfate is a component of cell membranes where it has a stabilizing role, e.g., protecting erythrocytes from osmotic lysis and regulating sperm capacitation. It is present in platelet membranes where it supports platelet adhesion. Cholesterol sulfate can regulate the activity of serine proteases, e.g., those involved in blood clotting, fibrinolysis, and epidermal cell adhesion. As a result of its ability to regulate the activity of selective protein kinase C isoforms and modulate the specificity of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, cholesterol sulfate is involved in signal transduction. Cholesterol sulfate functions in keratinocyte differentiation, inducing genes that encode for key components involved in development of the barrier.

The accumulating evidence demonstrating a regulatory function for cholesterol sulfate appears solid; the challenge now is to work out the molecular mechanisms whereby this interesting molecule carries out its various roles.

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