Drugs Fail where Seeds Succeed

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The game with big pHARMa is to find a natural product that works – try and mimic it with just enough biochemical changes added to be able to call it “not natural” and therefore patentable and then to demonize the natural (and inexpensive, not patentable) substance to open up the market for their product. The FDA is complicit in this and we see the game played over and over during the years: the Rife machine was attacked by the evil Morris Fishbein who headed the AMA at the time, and in recent history the natural and essential amino acids tryptophan (which metabolizes to serotonin) was demonized to allow for its knock off SSRI drugs to be sold. Niacin was demonized to open the market for statins and of course medical marijuana has been vilified until the people forced the legalization of it but big pHARMa wants you to buy their expensive knock off Marinol but the natural stuff is better and safer. And where is the most concentrated medicine in the marijuana plant? In the SEED! Eat the seed but make certain that the seed is organic and non-GMO.

THIS DRUG ROVA -T FAILED to kill cancer STEM cells…. but this SEED succeeded.

AbbVie announced that MERU, a Phase III trial of Rova-T as first-line maintenance therapy for advanced small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) did not show survival benefit at a pre-planned interim analysis. As a result, the MERU trial is being closed and the Rova-T R&D program has been terminated. AbbVie plans to prioritize other development programs.

Rova-T is an investigational antibody-drug conjugate targeting cancer-stem cell-associated delta-like protein 3 (DLL3), which is found in more than 80% of SCLC tumors. Rova-T combines the targeted antibody with a cytotoxic agent.

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