Are vaccines Safe and Scientifically validated?


from Pastor Richard Beals

Dear Friends:

The following documents demonstrate the truth about vaccines, the fact that

(1) Vaccines have not been tested properly and have not been proven to be safe; that on the contrary; that

(2) Vaccines cause from minor to serious injuries, including death, and that such injuries happen frequently; that

(3) The manufacturers of vaccines know their products’ danger and hide it from the public; that

(4) Health agencies, federal, state and local, have been corrupted by the vaccine manufacturers; that 

(5) Legislators have also been complicit in passing laws to force vaccination upon our children and soon also adults; and that

(6) All mainstream media is used to convince the general public that such vaccines are safe and that anyone against the forced vaccination program is a danger to public health and should be censored and condemned. 

You are welcome to use and duplicate any of the documents herein without the need to credit the author or to provide links to the original site where they are posted. No one is authorized to edit any content therein without prior permission from the author.


Vaccine Facts: Why They Are Not Proven Safe and How Their Ingredients Are Affecting Our Children and Our Community’s Health     – Summary of Vaccine Facts     – Analysis of Vaccine Safety Claims Flowcharts      – Breakdown of Childhood Vaccine Insert’s Placebo Pre-Licensing Studies     – ICAN — Vaccine Safety White Paper     – Mandatory Vaccine Box Inserts & Analysis     – Vaccine Ingredients Listing     – How Mercury Found In Vaccines Affects the Nevous System – min 1:45

Letter to CA Assembly in Opposition to SB 276, including the Chronic Illness Prevalence Chart, A Breakdown of Childhood Vaccine Inserts, HPV/Gardasil Proof of Concealment of the Harm of Vaccines, and an Expose of the Vaccine Fraud      – Proof of Vaccine Safety Fraud     – Gardasil True Placebo Result: Zero Adverse Reactions of Injury     – Gardasil Insert: Compare Tables 1 thru 4, to 5 thru 10 – Mixing of Placebo Group with group that received Aluminum and other toxic ingredients.     – Revised Gardasil Insert Table 10 Separating Placebo Group

Fraudulent Secrets of Big Pharma, Health Authorities and the Medical Establishment     – Pastor Ricardo Beas’ Speech at Loma Linda University     – Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe  — Proof of the Fraud      – Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth  — Proof of the Injury     – The History of the Illegal Vaccine Court     – Pediatricians get $400 Bonus for each fully vaccinated child     – CDC: Corrupt Deception – The Swine Flu Vaccine of 1976     – Merck Vaccine Scientist Admits Vaccines Cause Cancer 

Plotkin Deposition Excerpts: The Truth of Vaccines Exposed by the Highest Authority on Vaccines, Representative of the Largest Vaccine Manufacturers     – Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin Lawsuit Deposition Excerpts     – Plotkin Admits Vaccine Contain Healthy Aborted Fetal Tissue and DNA

Newspaper Articles Showing That People That Don’t Vaccinate Don’t Cause Outbreaks, It Is Those That Are Vaccinated Who Are Immunocompromised     – Vaccinated Children Cause Outbreaks      – Vaccinated Children Cause Outbreaks #2     – San Diego County Whooping Cough Report 2011 to 2016     – Harvard Researcher Shows Myth of Unvaccinated Causing Outbreaks

Studies Showing That Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Vaccinated Children and Other Dangers of Vaccines     – U.S. Child Study Comparing the Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated     – U.S. Pediatrician’s Child Study Comparing the Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated     – Children’s Health Defense Analysis Comparing Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated     – German Child Study Comparing the Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Lawsuits Proving That Big Pharma Is Always Hiding the Dangers of Their Products     – Talcum Powder – J&J Knew It Contained Asbestos     – Opioid Crisis – They Knew The Addiction of Their Products     – Purdue Corrupted World Health Organization to Promote Opioid Sales     – Vioxx – Merck Created Hit List Agaist Critics of their Product      – Prozac – They Knew It Caused Birth Defects, Violence and Suicide      – Propecia – Merck Knew It Caused Sexual Disfunction and Suicide

Compelled Vaccination is an Attack on God-given and Human Basic Rights, Violating the U.S. Constitution and International Law     – Listing of Laws Broken By Compelled Vaccination

Proof of the Fallacy of Vaccine Safety Going Back to the 1800s      – Horrors of Vaccination Exposed – 1920’s book intro

Criminal Complaint to DOJ and HHS Outlining All Willing and Criminal Participants in the Worldwide Forced Vaccination Program     – Vaccine Class Action Complaint  —————— Please help us expose this fraud. Donate to your favorite organizations supporting parents’ rights to decide if vaccination is the best option for their children, and to stop the 

Adult Vaccination Programs that are coming soon as outlined in the CDC’s Healthy People 2020 plan, as well as CA Senator Richard Pan’s Senate Resolution 58. I also recommend the following organizations for donations, as they are helping our anti-mandatory vaccine cause, with lawsuits against these Criminal Participants and by keeping us informed of the latest news in the vaccine fight.       — Children’s Health Defense – Bobby Kennedy     — ICAN – Informed Consent Action Network – Del Bigtree

 May God Bless And Protect You and Your Loved Ones, 

Pastor Ricardo Beas

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