Curious Epigenetics in Wuhan

Dr. Weeks’ Comments: Watch what is NOT being talked about. Except by smart people like Gary G. Kohls, MD (see below)

A few things to consider regarding the massive government and media freak-out (of which Big Pharma will surely be taking advantage) concerning the Wuhan, China Coronavirus Ground Zero outbreak. 

Wuhan is a city that has been victimized – for years – by the most polluted air, the most polluted water, contaminated Frankenfoods, minimal sun exposure and has just also recently had massive highly toxic 5G network installations added all over the city, etc. The tens of thousands of dangerous (untested for safety, either short-term or long-term) 5G units are largely on public buildings every few blocks all over the area. Surely the brand new 1000-bed hospital just built in a record 10 days has 5G transmitters installed on it.

What our so-called public health “community disease experts” are not considering is the following short list of co-factors that would make any given person’s (or community’s) immune system far more susceptible to the dangerous effects of a virus that are likely to be inconsequential for people that lack most of the risk factors: 

1) the massive disease-producing, immune system polluting 5G networking that was recently inflicted on the Wuhan population just over the last months of 2019 or 

2) the massive pollution of the air (and lack of sunlight – and therefore vitamin D) of urban cities like Wuhan or 

3) the massive pollution of the water in urban Chinese cities like Wuhan or 

 4) the massive over-vaccinations of most Wuhan residents with aluminum adjuvants/mercury preservatives and other vaccine toxins that make vaccine recipients much more susceptible to many viral  and bacterial illnesses and

5) the high incidence of smokers in many adult males in Wuhan

My point is that people who might get exposed to coronavirus – or any viral or bacterial organism, for that matter – may not get infected in the first place or might just have minimal symptoms and then permanent immunity for the future. 

The fact that our public health officials (like even the “respected” Mike Osterholm, PhD – not an MD – here in Minnesota, for example) or the bigwigs in DC, are not mentioning the reality of co-factors is deplorable and unforgiveable.

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