How to really protect yourself from Coronavirus

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: As a medical doctor, I read with chagrin a lot of posts proposing to be helpful against the Coronavirus – some were indeed helpful but some were outright dangerous. Remember that a half truth is worse than a lie. For example, we’re told to wash our hands with hand sanitizers. Yikes! The commercial hand sanitizers  have been shown to be carcinogenic so don’t use them! Wash your hands with hot water and soap…

So let me share my three simple and effective suggestions which I tell all my patients and students. 

Focus on these three facts with me: 
1) we humans mostly get infected with viri (plural of virus) through the nose and not through exposure in the mouth.  Why? Because the mouth is loaded is proteolytic and other digestive enzymes and most invasive bacteria and viri are killed in our saliva. In contrast the nose  and its nasal mucosa are relatively defenseless – strange design I suppose to allow that vulnerability. Bottom line – cover your nose when someone sneezes on you! Some people who don’t have face masks use cotton or a bit of Kleenex jammed up each nostril when they are in a dangerous public place – for example a crowded airplane.

Think of the throat as the battle ground but the nose as the enemy base camp. We need to destroy the enemy at its base camp to stop the battle.We use this fact to treat, for example sore throats or strept infections with…. of all things…   raw honey up the nose!  Simple and cheap and highly effective:  One lies on one’s back with a pillow under your shoulders to point the nostrils skyward and place a dollop of raw honey on a Q tip into each nostril allowing the honey to warm to body temperature and create, of all things, a post nasal drip of honey. Why is this beneficial?  Because raw honey converts to hydrogen peroxide at the cytotoxic dose of 20 parts per million at the interface of the dollop of honey and the skin it oozes over on its path to one’s throat which destroys all germs and pathogens in its path. And he science is clean that hydrogen peroxide will kill the CoronaVirus. READ THIS It can sting if the throat tissue is infected but the relief is immediate!

2)  In any outbreak, some people get sick and some don’t.  Usually the fitter and more nourished prevail and the weak succumb.  Survival of the fittest.  Therefore, my patients and people around the world are all stocking up on the essential 12 immune enhancing nutrients.

3) Lastly, prevention of course, is key in the case of the Coronavirus, as it is in all health challenges, and what no one is talking about is the fact that electrical pollution is a co-factor in killing the Chinese in Wuhan.  5G, in particular, is lethal in that it inhibits cellular absorption of oxygen. At the 60 htz frequency it is like a weaponized energy beam and strips oxygen from the cells.  Here are two links to more info about the lethality of 5G in Wuhan – the world’s most thoroughly blanketed 5G city
This one explains why the Princess Cruiseline (equipped with military grade 5G) was also a lethal set up.

Now you understand why NO ONE WILL INSURE VERIZON for litigation related to Wireless Technology and 5G

Every Verizon Annual Report says that its insurers no longer cover the Corporation for litigation involving Wireless Technology – especially 5G, which known to be lethal to animals and VERY hazardous to the health of humans.

So, the Big Insurance Corporations that usually issue liability insurance to huge corporations like the 5G International Wireless Corporations like Verizon, AT&T, etc have been refusing, for years, to insure huge wireless corporations for damages caused by electromagnietic wave injuries (to persons, animals and pollinator insects) from 3G, 4G and now 5G… 5G being the most hazardous to human and animal health of the three.
This should have huge implications for public health departments, clinics, hospitals, schools and neighborhoods close to schools, that are typicallly being targeted by Verizon, etc for their hazardous 5G installatiions are being  targets. The sensitive brain tissue of children is far more susceptible to electromagnetic injuries (with far thinner skull bones) than adults and thus more susceptible to radiation injuries, including x-tays and 5G radiaton.

I have heard that these corporations have acknowledged that the thousands – or millions – of expected  lawsuits could bankrupt their companies. GGK

Subject: For years, every Verizon Annual Report acknowledges that its insurers no longer cover the company for litigation involving Wireless Technology – especially 5G, which is known to be lethal to animals and, possibly even more ominous, pollinator insects.

Verizon Annual Report – expecting litigation
This is stated every year in this industry’s annual reports.  Insurers dropped them for EMF litigation many years ago.  EMF and EHS News · Verizon 2019 Annual Report:‘We are subject to a substantial amount of litigation…In addition, our wireless business also faces personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits relating to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters. We may incur significant expenses in defending these lawsuits. In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements.’

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