Now they will try and microchip you.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is entirely predictable and entirely antithetical to human freedom.

“… Gates clearly believes the public will accept being branded with digital certificates as easily as they accepted barcodes on consumer items.

According to IMB, a digital certificate is an electronic document that is used to identify an individual, a server, a company, or some other entity, and to associate that identity with a public key.

Like a driver’s license, a passport, a student ID, a library card, or other commonly used personal IDs, a certificate provides generally recognized proof of a person’s identity — or in this case, a person’s health and vaccination status.

All of which raises serious questions. What will happen to people who do not trust Bill Gates enough to accept a digital certificate? What will happen to those who refuse to be vaccinated?

While Gates has not elaborated on what his plan entails, or whether a digital certificate will be implanted in the human body, many people are concerned that the certificate could represent the “mark of the beast” warned about in the Bible…”

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