Paradigm Shift time re COVID

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The policies and recommendations are not based on good science.

This from my friend the astute and brilliant Dr. Gary Kohls:

Here is why my respect for the nighttime talk show hosts (ex Stephen Colbert, who is a comedic genius, in my opinion) has pllummeted, mainly because of their blind obedience to conform to their TV Network’s Big Pharma/Big Vaccine corporate conflicts of interest. See the facts at the very end of this emailing.  Anyone up for boycotting the Mainstream Media/TV/Radio (even including PBS and NPR) entities that are so subservient to the Big Pharma/Big Vaccine/Big Corporations – at least until they do their Mea Culpas over promoting the whole COVID/Lock-down mess? GGK
Subject: VIP: Three short videos, Exposing the high iatrogenic death rates related to the ICU conditions in New York City hospitals, etc 1] First watch this Nurse Practitioner report on the high iatrogenic death rates related to the horrific ICU conditions in New York City hospitals, particularly from aggressive ventilator over-use and fear-based medical “caregiver” distancing between staff and patient.: As I watched this I remembered noting something on TV recently about the thousands of fast-tracked Ventilators that are being manufactured and sent to hospitals everywhere, most of which will likely never be used. I doubt that any television program will ever do an expose about the thousands of panic-produced ventilators that were ordered because of the hysteria coming from the CDC, NIH, HIAID, FDA, Bill Gates Foundation, Mainstream Media, etc. 2] Then watch the following two short videos that also concern the COVID hysteria: 3]  Here is one of the many videos of the now-famous New York City ICU/ER physician who was the first healthcare practitioner to blow the whistle on both the COVID hysteria and the inability to address what might NOT be connected to a viral epidemic! Unfortunately the interviewer in this clip was an establishment physician who made some subtle attempts at discrediting the testimony: – GGK

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