Vacci Nation – its not about health

Dr Weeks’ Comment: Bill Sardi is a courageous investigative reports and here is his analysis of the COVID vaccine debacle. He writes scientifically – study the science and be warned!



By Bill Sardi


An army larger than any in the world is about to fight a common enemy – COVID-19 coronavirus.  The nations of the world will be singularly devoted to achieve one objective: halt the spread and mortality emanating from a lung infection caused by a mutated coronavirus.  

Operation Warp Speed aims to deliver millions of doses of a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine by January, 2021.  United Parcel Service is building “freezer farms,” refrigerated storehouses to hold vaccines and is preparing for home delivery of vaccines and a team of nurses to immunize locked-down populations.  Billions of dollars of vaccines have been pre-ordered on the presumption a vaccine will pass Stage 3, achieve FDA licensure and enter into common use (Stage 4).  

Vaccines intended for COVID-19 prevention need to enroll 3000 participants and show they are relatively safe, preferably compared to a placebo, among young healthy adults and elderly populations.  (FDA Guidance page 15).  According to the CDC, Phase 3 trials typically last several years.  So, shortcuts are being taken.  A recent poll finds 69% of Americans worry that  fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines won’t be safe.  

Live Science reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in April 2020 that a promising COVID-19 vaccine that produces a strong immune response in Phase 2 trials could potentially be approved for emergency use without a full Phase 3 trial.  

The vaccine industry suggests a vaccine may gain early FDA licensure by a process called “immune correlation” – show the vaccine produces levels of neutralizing antibodies in the blood that are at least as high as patients naturally infected by the virus.  A problem that has only recently been recognized is that zinc-dependent T-cells, not antibodies, are killing off COVID-19 infected cellsAntibody testing as a measure of vaccine effectiveness may be incomplete or even entirely misleading. 

Question: How well does a vaccine have to perform to gain FDA licensure?

Answer: The FDA has set a low bar for licensure of COVID-19 vaccines.  Their guidance document (page 14) states: “a vaccine should show at least 50% efficacy in clinical trials, meaning that under perfect conditions, people who get the vaccine would be at least half as less likely to be infected with the coronavirus compared with unvaccinated people.”  So, it’s a coin flip whether vaccinated individual would benefit from vaccination given the everyone is at immediate risk for infection.

The insanity of all of this is that if a person’s lungs become infected with COVID-19 coronavirus and they test positive for the virus, they can be forced into quarantine in some locales.  But if you are inoculated and then test positive (yes, vaccines, except RNA and DNA vaccines, ARE the virus), then what?  

Viral shedding from natural COVID-19 infection ranges from 8-37 days!  Given it is anticipated repeat inoculations will be required to achieve immunity, there is concern over a study which shows repeated flu vaccine recipients shed 6.3 times more viral particles into the air than non-vaccinated individuals.  Among individuals who don’t want to vaccinate, 4 in 10 say they are concerned about catching COVID-19 from the shot.   

The world will not likely discover the number of side effects that occur until a vaccine gains licensure and widespread immunization begins (Phase 4).  At that point, the whole world is enrolled in one big clinical study using a variety of vaccines.  It’s entirely possible that mass vaccination may be more deadly than the disease itself, not necessarily due to vaccine toxicity but because of the frailty of older-age populations that cannot endure the rigors of hospitalization.  

So far, eight months into this epidemic (Aug. 13), 749,000 people have reportedly died worldwide with COVID-19 (that is 0.000096% or 9.6 deaths per 100,000), but more than 80% had pre-existing co-morbid conditions.  So maybe only ~150,000 have died of COVID-19 alone (0.000019% or 19 per 100,000).  

There is only a remote chance of dying solely from COVID-19 and 5263 people have to be vaccinated to prevent 1 death.  A vaccine that is only 50% effective would require double that number of vaccinated subjects to avert 1 COVID-19-related death.  The vaccine can be no more effective than the death rate.  Overvaccination would be the rule.  

If the serious side effect rate of COVID-19 vaccination is just 1% (0.01) then far more side effects and possible hospitalizations may occur from vaccination may occur than from COVID-19.  

Forty-five percent (45%) of COVID-19 infected patients don’t even experience symptoms and very few require hospitalization.  This blunts proposed benefits of vaccination in regard to morbidity.  

If 5 billion of the world 7.8 billion people are vaccinated globally, a 1% serious side effect rate could put 50 million people in the hospital over the time it takes to inoculate this many people.  These hospitalizations and deaths would be indistinguishable from normal COVID-19 coronavirus fatalities and blame on the virus, not the vaccine.  

Compare COVID-19 mortality to the Asian Flu of 1957-58 that killed 2 million people or the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69 that killed 1-4 million people; or tuberculosis, another ongoing respiratory disease epidemic that infects 1.8 billion and kills 1.5 million a year.  So, there is some hidden political purpose behind this over-hyped pandemic.  

Virologists are narrowly focused on quelling COVID-19 coronavirus infection and related deaths, but not on the wider impact of mass inoculation of billions of people, the 1.8 billion who already have pulmonary tuberculosis.  

A review of published studies indicates co-infection with influenza and tuberculosis increases severity of disease.  Most TB cases are latent (dormant).  Flu vaccination is reported to mildly reduce the incidence of TB.  

But what if COVID-19 vaccination activates millions of cases of dormant TB?  By locking down the citizenry, patients with active forms of TB undergoing antibiotic therapy won’t be able to receive timely doses of antibiotics to eradicate their disease.  One million excess TB deaths are expecdted to result from COVID-19 coronavirus lockdowns.  Again, preservation of human life is obviously not the objective of this plannedemic.  

Question: What are the stated objectives of vaccination against COVID-19 coronavirus?


A. Prevent the immediate spread of infection and significant morbidity (loss of productivity; significant suffering, pain, mental agony); for many COVID-19 coronavirus infected individuals, avoidance of symptoms is a marginal benefit as it is reported 40%-45% of infected individuals experience no or mild symptoms with 98% not experiencing serious enough symptoms to require hospitalization.  COVID-19 coronavirus is an infection that may not result in sick days that require time off from work or school.  However, while COVID-19 coronavirus lung infection is often asymptomatic, imperceptible subclinical damage to heart, kidneys and lungs are reported, making this mutated virus more troublesome than first realized.  

B. Prevent loss of life

C. Provide life-long immunity against this pathogenic respiratory virus (prevention)

According to the available medical literature, while over one-hundred COVID-19 coronavirus vaccines are under research and development, for reasons described herein, they are not likely to achieve the above objectives.

Question: How are the above objectives accomplished?

Answer: By introduction (usually injection into muscle or nasal instillation) of a weakened virus, or viral particle, or antigen-activator (DNA-RNA vaccine) that provokes an immune response, to produce antibodies and more importantly activate of memory T-cells that provide long-term immunity.  

Vaccination IS infection unless RNA or DNA vaccines are utilized.  RNA-DNA vaccines are not infectious and provoke an antigen that then stimulates production of memory antibodies.  

Regardless of the type of vaccine employed, immunization relies upon a functional immune system to produce antibodies and zinc-dependent T-cells that result in long-term prevention.  If the immune system is weakened by a lack of essential nutrients, namely trace minerals zinc and selenium and vitamins C and D, vaccination may be ineffective.  

Question: How many doses of COVID-19 vaccines will be needed to achieve immunity?

Answer: Developers of COVID-19 coronavirus vaccines are having to use low doses and repeat vaccination (up to 4 shots) and even co-use of anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce local inflammation, pain, nausea, headaches and systemic (fever) side effects, but then paradoxically toxic adjuvants (heavy metals like aluminum or thimerosal/mercury) are added to provoke a stronger immune response.  

Those Americans who do choose to vaccinate may do so without full knowledge of the number of times they will need to be immunized to develop immunity, nor will they be assured of long-lasting immunity even if antibody levels are deemed to be adequate as antibodies come and go with COVID-19.  Nor will those individuals who choose to vaccinate fully know of their risk for side effects as that is only known after vaccines are licensed and go into wider use among millions of people.  Some vaccines are recalled after licensure.  For example, sales of a rotavirus vaccine were suspended in 1999.   

Question: If there is no licensed vaccine and people are exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus naturally (via aerosol transfer of viral particles from infected to non-infected lung), and subsequently develop antibodies and T-cells, how is that different than vaccination?

Answer: Natural exposure is preferred over vaccination.  Infection often produces fever.  The greater the severity of fever the more antibodies that are produced.  Use of fever-controlling medications can be counter-productive.  However, uncontrolled fever requires medication.  Fever is often listed as a side effect of vaccination, but it is a welcome one.  

Question: If I was immunized for the flu in the past, or developed natural antibodies and T-cells from a bout with another coronavirus in recent years, would some immunity be conferred from these prior viral exposures?

Answer: The Director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases now says some people (~50%) who have previously been exposed to other common coronaviruses in recent years may have developed immunity against COVID-19 coronavirus.  

A recently published report in SCIENCE claims there may be “cross-reactivity” from other prior common-cold coronavirus infections; 20-50% of people who have not been exposed to COVID-19 coronavirus exhibit some level of COVID-19 immunity.  Memory T-cells (CD4 T-cells) have been found to confer immunity against the pathogenic COVID-19 virus, thus serving to partially explain why some COVID-19 infected individuals weather their illness better than others.  

There are some published studies showing concurrent-year influenza vaccination confers immunity against COVID-19 and reduces risk for death.  But these studies are confounded by the timing of flu vaccination.  It just may be flu vaccination occurred at the end of a seasonal COVID-19 cycle which would give a false impression flu vaccination lowered COVID-19 risks.

To the contrary, a study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine reveals 0% of firefighters who had undergone annual vaccination for the flu were antibody positive compared to 21% who were antibody positive that had not undergone annual immunization against the flu.  This disturbing study suggests prior flu vaccination resulted in a greater vulnerability to COVID-19 infection.  

Yet another worrisome study published in the journal Social Science Research Network concludes “seasonal influenza vaccination in the past might be an additional risk factor for the elderly in terms of enhanced susceptibility to infection with COVID-19 coronavirus and a higher likelihood of a lethal outcome.”  

A telling US Department of Defense study that has been met with denials as it shows flu vaccination works to produce respiratory virus interference that indirectly increases the propensity to develop a future coronavirus infection by 36%.  

Question: How long does vaccine-induced immunity last for respiratory viruses?

Answer: The Centers for Disease Control reports there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 reinfection 6 months after its emergence in the U.S.

The World Health Organization says there “is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.”  

Which of the above contrary statements is the public supposed to believe?

For a number of infectious diseases, vaccine-induced immunity wanes over time.  Vaccine-induced immunity against respiratory viruses, such as influenza viruses, can vanish as soon as 90 days after vaccination

The lack of vaccine durability is called “the big unknown.”  There are no licensed vaccines for coronaviruses as this report is being written.  Humans have relied upon natural immunity up to this point against coronaviruses.  Natural immunity can last anywhere from 80 days to a few years.    

Coronaviruses as a class are common cold viruses.  Coronavirus infections are generally seasonal, running from November to April in the Northern Hemisphere.  Inoculation late in a flu or cold season would obviously be statistically less protective overall.  The availability of COVID-19 vaccines will come on the market just as the season coronavirus cycle peaks.

Synthetic vaccines used today are not providing long-term immunity.  Certain outbreaks of infectious diseases such as measles and whooping cough that have been reported among school-age children and blamed on anti-vaxxers are really caused by modern vaccines that do not produce long-term immunity.  Recent outbreaks of measles at Disneyland involved unvaccinated immigrant tourists and are not related in any way to anti-vaccine campaigns. 

Question: Why can’t I be allowed to develop antibodies on my own?

Answer: Modern medicine ignores the natural activation of antibodies and more so T-cells are critical in fighting coronavirus infection, or any infection for that matter.  For school children activation of immunity must be accomplished synthetically via legally enforced vaccination rather than by natural exposure to pathogenic bacteria or viruses.  From a legal and public health policy standpoint, community exposure to pathogens and natural activation of antibodies is outlawed.  Nothing is done to enhance natural immunity other than vaccination even though it is an established fact the trace mineral zinc is required to produce needed T-cells. 

Essentially, advocates of mandated vaccines are saying the public has to stay locked down inside their homes so they won’t develop natural antibodies, so the vaccines will come to our false rescue.  This is monstrous manipulation of human populations for the gain of physicians and vaccine makers.  And the public is never the wiser. 

Question: What is the history of coronavirus vaccines?

Answer: Results of a coronavirus vaccine trial were reported in 2019.  This was prior to the initial (November) 2019 outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus in Wuhan, China, that a human vaccine trial for another coronavirus (MERS or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) was problematic.

Here are the findings of that 2019 MERS coronavirus vaccine trial:

·      The high mortality and severe disease seen in MERS was positively correlated with age and presence of comorbidities, including chronic liver, kidney, and heart disease, diabetes, and immunosuppressive conditions.

·      Overly-active host immune responses to MERS coronavirus could contribute to disease severity and outcomes. Thus, vaccine-induced immune responses in populations with these high-risk characteristics could potentially have harmful effects. These same barriers were encountered in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus vaccine development over 15 years ago, and might also hold true for MERS coronavirus and now COVID-19 vaccination.

·      Any MERS coronavirus vaccine must specifically target the most vulnerable populations to adequately assess safety and generation of robust, long-lasting immune responses.

·      At week 60, this MERS DNA vaccine induced humoral and cellular responses in only 51 (77%) of 66 participants and 42 (64%) of 66 participants in two arms of the study and only two (3%) of 66 participants maintained neutralizing antibodies until the end of the study. Therefore, generation of humoral (in body fluids) and cellular immune responses might not equate with long-term protection.  – The Lancet Infectious Diseases Vol. 19, Issue 10, pages 1054-44, Oct. 1, 2019.

The above study involved one of the widely heralded new tech DNA vaccines now being paraded by modern medicine, which supposedly is a non-toxic vaccine.

In 2013 researchers wrote that inactivated and live-attenuated coronavirus vaccines do exhibit antibody responses against coronavirus infections but they “also induce immunopathology or other harmful immune responses, raising concerns about their safety.”  That is a red flag for all coronavirus vaccines.  

What the above report says is that the medical community knew that people with comorbidities (diabetes, kidney/heart, liver diseases and autoimmunity) were more likely to die; and that people with over-responsive immune systems may experience harmful and even deadly effects from vaccination; and they knew this over 15 years ago!  But health authorities in 2019-2020 acted like these were new discoveries for a newly-mutated virus.

There are available molecules that normalize the immune response (tame down inflammatory neutrophils, the first white blood cells to arrive at sites of infection); namely vitamin Dvitamin A, the trace mineral zinc and the red wine molecule resveratrol which sensitizes cells to vitamin D.  These would be nutraceuticals worth taking prior to vaccination to prevent excessive inflammation.  Otherwise steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories would need to be taken and they have side effects including depletion of vitamin C.

Question: How unique is this COVID-19 coronavirus compared to other coronaviruses?

Answer: Physicians act like COVID-19 coronavirus produces unique symptoms unseen before and targets previously unknown high-risk groups and does not produce lasting immunity.  

For example, one researcher says COVID-19 blocks interferons while activating proteins called chemokines, which is “something I have never seen in my 20 years of studying viruses.”   However, a search of the medical literature reveals….

·      A study published in 2006 in the Virology Journal states the SARS coronavirus “did not activate significant transcription of the interferons”….. but “strongly induced the chemokines…”  

·      Another study published in 2005 In the journal Blood reported “low expression of antiviral cytokines (interferon alpha-beta-gamma)… but significant up-regulation of inflammatory chemokines…”. 

·      Yet another report published in 2016 in the journal Cell Host & Microbe states “highly pathogenic human respiratory coronaviruses cause acute lethal disease characterized by… delayed Type 1 interferon signaling…… resulting in elevated lung cytokine/chemokine levels…” 

In lock-step fashion physicians made public statements to the news media that COVID-19 is “unlike anything I have never seen” and these statements were than used to instill fear in the public over and over in the news media.  (FoxNewsMedical News TodayProPublicaThe TelegraphWebMD) Yet modern medicine knew for over a decade that coronavirus infections may over-activate the immune system and that is what kills the patients, not necessarily the virus itself.

Question: There is mention that high-risk individuals should be given priority in the roll-out of vaccines, but aren’t high-risk individuals also the least likely to develop antibodies and more likely to experience side effects?

Answer: There is a contradiction in saying “coronavirus vaccine must specifically target the most vulnerable populations” and then say those same high-risk patients “could potentially have harmful effects” from vaccination.  

Targeting the most likely groups to experience serious side effects following vaccination is folly.  The FDA’s Development & Licensure of Vaccines To Prevent COVID-19 Guidance for Industry (June 2020) states: “FDA strongly encourages the enrollment of populations most affected by COVID-19, specifically racial and ethnic minorities.” (page 11) But then the FDA Guidance speaks out of the other side of its mouth stating (page 10): “If possible, early clinical studies should also exclude participants at high risk of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) exposure (e.g., healthcare workers).” 

High-risk groups need to have their diets fortified with key nutrients that boost immunity while controlling an overactive immune response that fills the lungs with fluid and impairs oxygen exchange from alveoli to the blood circulation.  

Question: How many black Americans are willing to be vaccinated?

Answer: A May 27 Associated Press Poll says 56% of Caucasians vs. only 25% of blacks are willing to be vaccinated.  An August Yahoo News poll found only 42% of Americans plan to be immunized against COVID-19 coronavirus.   

Question: Should blacks be given priority in vaccination schedules to make up for alleged racial disparity of care?

Answer: Melinda Gates, wife of vaccine funder Bill Gates,’ has publicly called for black Americans to get the first doses of the vaccine.  Black Americans are dying of COVID-19 at three times the rate of Caucasians.  

Blacks should not be guinea pigs for unproven vaccines.  The idea that blacks don’t receive the same level of medical care (disparity in delivery of healthcare) and should go to the front of the vaccination line is troubling. 

One authoritative report reveals 76% of Black Americans are vitamin D deficient because their melanin pigment screens out solar ultraviolet radiation that produces vitamin D in the skin.  Blacks in hospitals with low vitamin D levels are 98.9% likely to die versus only 4.1% for vitamin D sufficient patients.  It’s unconscionable to think blacks are going to be vaccinated without first undergoing a prophylactic round of vitamin D supplementation.

Furthermore, mass vaccination of populations that inherently have low vitamin D levels (blacks, East Indians, native American Indians) should not proceed before clinical studies in these groups are conducted.  Clinical studies that do not include high-risk groups are of little value.  Blacks should not rely upon data produced among healthy Caucasian populations as evidence of safety.  

Question: How many Americans desire to be vaccinated?

Answer: An August-2020 published Gallup survey finds a little of a third of Americans said they would NOT take COVID-19 injection when it becomes available while 65% said they would.  Seventy-percent (70%) of American senior citizens say they would opt for the vaccine immediately upon licensure.  

The Gallup poll reveals political party affiliation is associated with willingness to get vaccinated (47% of Republicans; 81% of Democrats).  

Question: Wouldn’t any COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine be helpful over doing nothing?

Answer:  Given that the number needed to treat to prevent 1 death is 5263, there is a far greater chance of experiencing a serious side reaction to the vaccine that would result in hospitalization than there is any avoidance of hospital admission or death.  Flu vaccines induce 1% of vaccinated subjects to be hospitalized.  Then 1% of those hospitalized will not survive treatment (1 of 200).  If those numbers are extrapolated to worldwide vaccination, 78 million would be hospitalized, 39 million would expire.  It may not be toxicity of the vaccines but the frailty of older patients who cannot withstand hospitalization that will cause these deaths, which will be inappropriately blamed on the COVID-19 coronavirus.

It was also noted that immunity was not lasting as measured by antibody response.  This could mean repeated annual vaccination, a bonanza for vaccine makers. 

Question: What about immunity passports?

Answer: The idea of an “immunity passport,” a document that travelers would use to certify they are protected against re-infection and don’t need vaccination, is now confounded by the fact antibodies are not long lasting in COVID-19 patients.  It is T-cells, not antibodies, that are directly killing off virally-infected cells.  

Question: How long will COVID-19 vaccines provide immunity?

Answer: Intense fever is what induces strong antibody production.  One study shows among mild cases of COVID-19 that antibody levels drop dramatically over the first 3 months following infection and recovery.  Antibody levels were halved every 73 days.  Another study shows antibody levels among patients with mild infection were almost non-existent with 60 days of vacation

Lack of durability invalidates the call for mandatory vaccination.  

But there is hope long-lasting immunity will be produced this time.  A study shows patients exposed to the SARS coronavirus possessed reactive T-cells more than 15 years later.  T-memory cells provide long-lasting immunity against COVID-19 and other coronaviruses.  T-cells have been found to provide up to 17 years of long-lasting memory T-cells among patients infected by the SARS coronavirus.  

It’s possible the medical community covertly adhered to waning antibodies levels as a measure of immunity in order to justify re-vaccination.  

Question: How many Americans have already been infected with COVID-19 coronavirus?

Answer: If using antibodies to determine how many Americans have been infected by COVID-19 coronavirus, a Stanford University study showed 2.49% to 4.16% exhibit COVID-19 antibodies.   In New York City, more than 21% of resident there tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

Laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 are indicative of the intensity of testing, not incidence of disease in a community.  

Question: How much can we trust our public health authorities when it comes to vaccination against COVID-19 coronavirus?

Answer: The FDA Guidance for the vaccine industry (page 2) states: “The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic presents an extraordinary challenge to global health.” There are currently no FDA-licensed vaccines to prevent COVID-19.  Yet the FDA, CDC and WHO have expressed no urgency in addressing the ongoing epidemic of tuberculosis that infects 1.8 billion people worldwide and globally kills 1.5 million annually.  The effort to vaccinate the world for COVID-19 coronavirus appears have a political and/or social agenda.  If saving lives were the priority, these agencies would have already launched an effort to eradicate the far more deadly TB.  But there is already a low-cost BCG vaccine for that malady.

Question: How trustworthy is the data on these vaccines?

Answer: The public should be alarmed over the lack of transparency in interpreting the safety and side effects posed by these experimental vaccines. Phases 1-2 of the Oxford University/ Astra Zeneca AZD1222 Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine study is one such study, published in The Lancet on July 20, 2020.  Not a word is mentioned in the report about the use of a problematic anti-inflammatory drug among study participants (it’s buried in a chart).  

AZD1222 is said to be relatively safe, being compared with a meningitis vaccine, but just how rough are its side effects to cause investigators to employ the pain killer acetaminophen (Tylenol) to calm side effects. 

While the abstract says mostly “minor side effects,” the actual paper showed close to 10% had a fever of at least 100.4 degrees (a fever is the best way to create antibodies), meaning it was very effective at that), and just over 1 in 4 reported severe muscle aches, others reported fatigue.  Acetaminophen is a liver toxic that depletes glutathione in the liver.  Low dose acetaminophen depletes airway glutathione, a major internal antioxidant, and alters respiratory reflex responses in lab animals.  

Question:  Given the long time it takes for drugs to gain FDA approval, we read of re-purposed drugs for COVID-19 coronavirus treatment.  What about already FDA-approved re-purposed vaccines?  Is that possible?

Answer: It is very possible that the BCG vaccine that targets the bacillus that causes tuberculosis would be a low-risk preventive measure for COVID-19 coronavirus infections.  The BCG vaccine has been reported to reduce hospital admission for COVID-19 infections by over 4.27-fold (3.7% vs. 15.8%) There are three studies underway involving the BCG vaccine for COVID-19 infections.  The vaccine industry will take a huge financial fall if the BCG vaccine is proven to work better than COVID-19 vaccines.

Question: We read of a mutated COVID-19 coronavirus that “spread like wildfire in New York City, Italy and the UK.”  The D614G strain has four-times as many ‘spikes’ on its surface that latch onto human cells and is ’10 times more infectious’ than milder forms. What can be done to defend against this monster virus?

Answer: The D614G strain is not even the most virulent strain.  The T22303G mutation is 270 times more virulent.  Virologists warn that due to “genetic drift” and the development of more lethal viral strains, the virus may escape recognition by the immune system.  It is “imperative that sub-strains of different mutations be accounted for in vaccine development.”  In a rush to bring vaccines into clinical use that do not provide long-term immunity and that are not capable of addressing the 30+ different strains of the virus, vaccines may offer little more than piece of mind and only serve political purposes. 

Influenza viruses rapidly mutate into less virulent forms that results in epidemics fizzling out.  But in this instance a coronavirus has morphed into a killer strain that appears to be associated with deadly local epidemics in Wuhan, China and Northern (Modena) Italy.  

The trace mineral selenium is known to thwart viral mutations.  The geographical areas where the most COVID-19-related-death has been reported are areas of low selenium intake.

In selenium-poor areas of China the cure rate for COVID-19 is reportedly only 13%.  

Dietary intake of selenium is the United Kingdom, another “hotbed” of coronavirus infection, may be as low as 30-40 micrograms/day.

Dietary intake of selenium varies widely in Northern Italy from 40-101 micrograms.  

The recommended dietary intake value for selenium intake is 70 micrograms for men and 60 micrograms for women.  

Average blood plasma levels of selenium appear normal in northern Italy, but range by 2.7-fold (from 64.4 to 173.2 micrograms per blood sample).  

Optimal blood concentration of selenium is ~88 micrograms per blood sample.  

If a blood test for selenium (or any other trace mineral or vitamin) is obtained,  patients need to be savvy how to interpret blood testing.  Blood tests provide a reference range.  The “reference range” is the commonly occurring range.  It is not necessarily the preventive range or therapeutic range.  Everyone in a geographical area may fall inside the normally-occurring intake range (reference range) that is inadequate for disease prevention.  Everyone could have insufficient blood concentrations, but the reference range would make that look normal.  So, looking at “normal” blood selenium test result may be misleading.

Sadly, modern medicine has little regard for nutritional medicine and ignores selenium as a virulence factor in the COVID-19 epidemic.

Question: What about herd immunity?

Answer: A percentage of the population must be capable of getting a disease in order for it to spread. This is called a threshold proportion. If the proportion of the population that is immune to the disease is greater than this threshold proportion, the spread of the disease will decline. This is known as the herd immunity threshold.  Herd immunity differs from one infectious disease to another dependent upon its contagiousness. 

Herd immunity should be disregarded.  What is important to individuals is their own immunity.  To ensure viral-killing/antibody activating T-cells are produced, adequate intake of zinc is required to produce T-cells in the thymus gland, located just under your breastplate.  In adults the thymus gland is about the size of a walnut and shrinks to the size of a pea in a state of zinc deficiency.  

Summary: Humanity is racing to coerce, propagandize and eventually mandate vaccination of the entire world’s population, skipping safeguards and pre-buying vaccines before they are proven safe or effective.  Over 100 vaccines are reported to be under development and some have entered clinical trials.  Yale University is exploring advertising messages that are the most convincing.  Their initial survey found 67% of participants would accept a COVID-19 vaccine.  

A problem is the public is likely to never hear of the side effects and deaths caused by vaccination because it is so easy to blame fatalities on the virus itself.  Given the information presented in this report, there is a high possibility that a vaccination catastrophe awaits as governments push to vaccinate for obvious political and financial reasons.  

There are suspected motives to reduce the number of older Medicare recipients now that its trust fund is being depleted by fewer contributions due to COVID-19-related unemployment.  Part of Medicare funding now comes out of the general fund of the United States as the Trust Fund can no longer bear the full burden of this system.  The per capita Medicare spending for 85-year-olds is 2.5 times greater than for 66-year-olds.  While the chance for dying among children age 0-19 from COVID-19 coronavirus is 0.003%, it is 7.836% among 80-year-olds!  The fact that nearly 7 in 10 Americans would accept a largely untested vaccine suggests a naïve population that is direly in need of un-biased education.  

A vaccine consent/refusal form is now availableat that educates Americans about the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccines.  

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