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Dr Weeks’ comment: The foundational rule of medicine is Primum Non Nocere (First Do No Harm) but sadly, many doctors are ignoring that and look what what has happened.

COVID Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Are Secretly Buried

By Joseph Mercola @ 

July 2, 2021

Historically, less than 10% of vaccine side effects are reported to VAERS. [BMJ 2005;330:433].  An investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put it as low as 1%.  [AHRQ December 7, 2007 & The Vaccine Reaction January 9, 2020].  So, when VAERS posted (as of June 11, 2021, almost a month ago!) 358,379 adverse events, that translates at 1% into 35,837,900!  The 5,993 deaths would actually be 599,300, and the 29,871 serious injuries would be 2,987,100) [MedAlerts / VAERS June 11, 2021].  All in just the first six months!  In the 12- to 17-year-old age group, there were 271 serious injuries and seven deaths [MedAlerts / VAERS June 11, 2021, Cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Serious]. 

Before the vaccination, their chance of recovery was over 98%.  Among pregnant women, there were 2,136 (213,600) adverse events, including 707 (70,700) miscarriages or premature births. [The Defender June 18, 2021].  The reported death rate (5,993 thus far) from COVID-19 shots exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years!  This vaccination is about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine which historically has been the most hazardous. [Trial Site News May 25, 2021]. In the European Union’s database of adverse drug reactions from COVID shots (EudraVigilance, covering 27 of the 50 countries), there were 1,509,266 reported injuries, including 15,472 deaths as of June 19, 2021. [Based Underground June 22, 2021].    In England itself, the British Yellow Card system had received, as of June 9, 2021, 276,867 adverse event reports following COVID “vaccination,” including 1,332 deaths.  [Gov.UK Yellow Card Reporting Summary June 17, 2021 (Covers 12/9/2020 – 6/9/2021)].  

The Israeli People Committee, a civilian body of health experts, reports “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.’  [Aletho News April 21, 2021].  Vaccinated Israeli boys (ages 16 – 24) have 25 times the rate of myocarditis (heart inflammation) than normal. [Ottawa Citizen June 4, 2021]. Millions around the world have had their lives turned upside down, and everybody injured is on his own if something goes wrong!  Vaccine manufacturers, the government, and medical personnel can’t be sued for damages.  The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which covers other vaccines, does not cover this one.   The only recourse is to apply for compensation from the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Act (CICP), under which COVID-19 vaccines are a covered countermeasure.  [Congressional Research Service Legal Sidebar CICP March 22, 2021 (PDF)]. 

Sorry, but this division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is sparsely staffed.  Realize that you must file a request for benefits within one year of the date the vaccine was administered in order to qualify which may be too soon for serious side effects to become apparent.  After the 2009 swine flu pandemic, people started reporting Guillain-Barre syndrome years after getting the pandemic H1N1 vaccine ~ too late to qualify [Insurance Journal December 29, 2020].  In its 15-year history, this agency has paid out just 29 claims, fewer than 1 in 10.  [Life Site News June 15, 2021 & Insurance Journal August 14, 2020].  The average CICP award has been $200,000 ($370,376 for death).  A serious thrombotic event can easily rack up a $1 million hospital bill.  Since there’s no reimbursement for pain and suffering (only for lost wages and unpaid medical bills) a retired person cannot qualify even if they die or end up in a wheelchair.  Salary compensation is of limited duration, and capped at $50,000 a year.  You’ll have to prove your injury was the “direct result of the countermeasure’s administration based on compelling, reliable, valid, medical and scientific evidence beyond mere temporal association” and pay for your own legal help and any professional witnesses you may need to support your claims. 

Realize that you voluntarily became part of several still-ongoing studies! Appeals simply get reviewed by another staff member in the same office. As of June 1, 2021, 1,360 Americans had sought compensation from the CICP for injuries and deaths arising from pandemic countermeasures, but only 869 were deemed eligible to file a claim [HRSA June 1, 2021].  No money has yet been paid out!  Professor Peter Meyers, a former director of the Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic, referred to the CICP as a “black hole process,”  [Yahoo News August 21, 2020] and warns that it’s a “lousy program.” [Life Site News June 15, 2021].  “It’s a secretive, opaque program whereby some unknown officials within the Department of Health and Human Services will make decisions; we don’t know how many people are adjudicating, who they are, or what the process is.”  

The spike protein likely has reproductive toxicity.  Pfizer’s biodistribution data show it accumulates in women’s ovaries.  [Trial Site News June 6, 2021].  Data suggest the miscarriage rate among women who get the COVID “vaccine” within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is a whopping 82%. The normal rate is 10%.  Considering the criminal history of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, it’s hard to understand how millions of people trust these companies not to lie in order to make a buck.  “Just three main vaccine makers, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, have been ordered by state and federal courts to pay a combined more than $8.6 billion in fines to resolve dozens of allegations of criminal and civil misconduct.  Pfizer alone was fined$2.3 billion — the largest such settlement in history, according to the Department of Justice — for willfully defrauding and misbranding its drugs that had already been yanked from shelves for their documented dangers…The tradeoff seems unfair today because the CICP program is such as flawed program,’ said Meyers, particularly when vaccine companies are raking in colossal profits (Pfizer is set to haul in $26 billion from its COVID vaccines this year and COVID vaccine manufacturing is churning out billionaires whose annual salaries are multiples of a decade of CICP payouts to dozens of people).”  [Life Site News June 15, 2021]

 In early June 2021, KRDO news reported on the case of Kendra Lippy, a 38-year-old woman who had no health complaints prior to getting her Johnson & Johnson shot.  Within a week, she developed headaches, abdominal pain and nausea.  Her diagnosis: Severe blood clots that progressed into multiple organ failure and coma.  She had to have most of her small intestine removed and will need total parenteral nutrition for the rest of her life — a feeding method that bypasses her gastrointestinal tract. She was hospitalized for 33 days, including 22 days in the intensive care unit. She now needs occupational and physical therapy to regain basic functions like walking, writing and holding a fork.  Lippy’s hospital bill already exceeds $1 million and she is headed for bankruptcy meaning she’ll lose even more.  And that’s not the worst of it. 

According to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, everyone who receives the COVID jab may die from complications in the next two to three years.  Rather than being more protected, those vaccinated are far more vulnerable to dying from a confused immune system ‘cytokine storm’ cascading from  pathogenic priming and paradoxical immune enhancement.

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