Black Cumin Seed and COVID

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is one amazing seed (Black Cumin Seed aka Nigella sativa) and we appreciate the synergistic blend in our “purple” seed drink.

In silico Nigellidine (N. sativa) bind to viral spike/active-sites of ACE1/2, AT1/2 to prevent COVID-19 induced vaso-tumult/vascular-damage/comorbidity


COVID-19, a global-pandemic binds human-lung-ACE2. ACE2 causes vasodilatation. ACE2 works in balance with ACE1. The vaso-status maintains blood-pressure/vascular-health which is demolished in Covid-19 manifesting aldosterone/salt-deregulations/inflammations/endothelial-dysfunctions/hyper-hypo- tension, sepsis/hypovolemic-shock and vessel-thrombosis/coagulations. Here, nigellidine, an indazole-alkaloid was analyzed by molecular-docking for binding to different Angiotensin-binding-proteins (enzymes, ACE1(6en5)/ACE2(4aph)/receptors, AT1(6os1)/AT2(5xjm)) and COVID-19 spike-glycoprotein(6vsb). Nigellidine strongly binds to the spike-protein at the hinge-region/active-site-opening which may hamper proper-binding of nCoV2-ACE2 surface. Nigellidine effectively binds in the Angiotensin- II binding-site/entry-pocket (-7.54 kcal/mol, -211.76, Atomic-Contact-Energy; ACE-value) of ACE2 (Ki 8.68 and 8.3 μmol) in comparison to known-binder EGCG (-4.53) and Theaflavin-di-gallate (-2.85). Nigellidine showed strong-binding (Ki, 50.93 μmol/binding-energy -5.48 kcal/mol) to mono/multi-meric ACE1. Moreover, it binds Angiotensin-receptors, AT1/AT2 (Ki, 42.79/14.22 μmol, binding-energy, -5.96/-6.61 kcal/mol) at active-sites, respectively. This article reports the novel binding of nigellidine and subsequent blockage of angiotensin-binding proteins. The ACEs-blocking could restore Angiotensin-level, restrict vaso-turbulence in Covid patients and receptor-blocking might stop inflammatory/vascular impairment. Nigellidine may slowdown the vaso-fluctuations due to Angiotensin-deregulations in Covid patients. Angiotensin II-ACE2 binding (ACE-value -294.81) is more favorable than nigellidine-ACE2. Conversely, nigellidine-ACE1 binding-energy/Ki is lower than nigellidine-ACE2 values indicating a balanced-state between constriction-dilatation. Moreover, nigellidine binds to the viral-spike, closer-proximity to its ACE2 binding-domain. Taken together, Covid patients/elderly-patients, comorbid-patients (with hypertensive/diabetic/cardiac/renal-impairment, counting >80% of non-survivors) could be greatly benefited.


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