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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Scientists need to explain this re new problems with fertility


The Covid Vaccines Are Adversely Affecting Women’s Reproductive Health

Here are the graphs showing a huge effect. But the COVID vaccines are underreported compared to previous vaccines so the discrepancy here may be 5.4X larger than they appear.


Executive summary

The single VAERS category with the most elevated events in the COVID vaccines has always been women’s reproductive issues.

In this article, we show that vaccines in the past which caused significantly lower adverse events were stopped.

Why aren’t the COVID vaccines stopped? It’s because the CDC doesn’t disclose the safety issues to the public.

Could there be another source of these effects? No, because they are correlated to the vaccination (read the case reports).

Women will be furious when they eventually learn the truth about what the medical community and CDC have done to them.

Unfortunately, I think this will take many years.


On June 10, 2021, Robert Malone and I were featured on the DarkHorse podcast. We pointed out to the world that the COVID vaccines accumulate in the ovaries (technically, it is the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) which is the carrier for the mRNA but that’s a detail). YouTube removed the episode after 1M views, presumably in order to protect the public from learning the truth. Their nameless censors are smarter than Bret Weinstein of course.

The implications of our warning were clearly evident in the VAERS reports at the time.

Here we are more than a year after that episode and it’s still happening. Here is the latest data for miscarriages and stillbirths from the new page on reproductive health issues on OpenVAERS:

READ the article HERE

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