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Stray Voltage

[…] 1/2 years.” The Beyerls’ problem is not conventional stray voltage, says Dave Stetzer, a Blair electrical contractor who has taken thousands of electrical readings […]

Electrical Pollution in the home.

[…] likely to generate dirty electricity. The same with halogens,” Havas said. Graham- Stetzer filters are capacitors that reduce noxious interference on electric wiring. 9. […]

Electric Smog – health ramifications for you!

[…] on electrical wires. Several case studies and anecdotal reports are presented. Graham/ Stetzer (GS) filters have been installed in schools with sick building syndrome […]

Electrical Pollution and Cancer – save the kids

[…] Melrose-Mindoro School District noticed a marked improvement in their health after Graham- Stetzer Electrical Pollution Filters were installed in the school. Superintendent Ron Perry […]

Graham Stetzer Electri-clearing Technology

[…] tools for ElectroClearing your home of Electrical Pollution   1) THE GRAHAM STETZER METER 2) THE GRAHAM STETZER FILTERS “STETZERiZER”     1) THE […]

MS symptoms disappear?

Check your Graham- Stetzer units in your home and work environment. Testimony To The Effectiveness of Graham-Stetzer (GS) Filters In Cleaning-up Electrical pollution  Name: […]

StetzerFilter testimonial #1

[…] destroyed my life without being part of my vocabulary. When the Graham- Stetzer Filters became part of my life the meanings of ubiquitous and […]