Electriclearing your school – if at first you don’t succeed…

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  In 2008,  my daughter Anastasia, then a high school senior, performed an extraordinary and historic service to high school students around the world: She documented the amount of toxic electrical pollution at her high school. The study took 4 stages:

1) she measured the electrical pollution at  her high school using Graham Stetzer meters

2) she had her measurements confirmed by an internationally known electrical pollution expert (David Stetzer  www.stetzerelectric.com)

3) she presented her findings to the high school administration and the District Superintendent (Fred McCarthy)

4) she secured finding to install Stetzer filters for free at the high school  (at no cost to the school district and the tax payers)

5) she sought permission to install the filters, electrically clear the school (thereby reducing cancer risk to all students, faculty and staff) and then measure the school for any residual electrical pollution.

See below for a partial rendering of the labored correspondence: Heart-breaking really, but she learned a powerful lesson about politics.  No happy ending:  the school board sat on the findings (with the exception of Steve Scoles, an heroic and principled public servant), solicited a second opinion from Puget Power Company (whose refutation of Anastasia’s scientific project is as inadequate as it is self-serving), and then refused to endorse the need for installation of  the electriclearing filters. 

If you would like to review Anastasia’s scientific data and conclusions for her pioneering study in order to urge YOUR school board to protect the safety of your children, please contact SAFALAB  at 360-341-2303 or Whidbey CLEAR   http://www.clearwhidbey.org   – Citizen League Encouraging Awareness of Radiation .


Anastasia’s letter getting permission to do her scientific project: 10/1/08 

Dear Mr. Prosch,

For my senior project I measured the “electrical pollution” within our school’s wiring. I also administered a school-wide survey to determine the prevalence of symptoms often associated with such pollution. I am writing this letter to request permission to install filters in the High School to create a safer environment for our students and staff members.

As one component of my project, I organized a free lecture and workshop where I introduced David Stetzer, a world authority on electrical pollution. He presented evidence behind the dangers of electrical pollution. I first met Mr. Stetzer a year ago, when he came to raise awareness in our community. Immediately I wondered about the levels of electrical pollution oscillating on our school’s wires. Through my research, I have learned not only about typical causes of dirty electricity and corresponding effects on the human body, but also benefits people experience after installing filters to mitigate the harmful electromagnetic frequencies. I attended a district office meeting as well and had the privilege of introducing Mr. Stetzer and his work to Fred McCarthy, Steve Scoles, Joe Anastasi, and Brian Miller. Mr. Stetzer explained the benefits which students, faculty, and administration might expect to experience after installation of these filters. Typically, in addition to positive health effects, institutions report drastic declines in maintenance expenses for electronic equipment following installation. One school reported their technology repairs fund dropped from approximately $90,000 per year to less than $4,000 since the installation a few years ago. Mr. Stetzer and I collected precise measurements from certain classrooms using a highly sensitive oscilloscope. The oscilloscope gave a visual image of what the digital numbers represent both before and after applying one filter on the line. (I’ve attached these pictures below and would be happy to explain them).

My conclusion from data collected throughout the school is that SWHS does have unhealthy levels of high frequency electromagnetic radiation, “electrical pollution”, which has been deemed dangerous to human health. I measured each outlet in our school (with the exception of janitor’s closets). There were no “clean” rooms, classrooms reading under 50. Therefore, from an electrical perspective, there are essentially no safe parts of our entire building. “Safe” standards have been established in Kazakhstan and Russia, where the issue of electrical pollution is taken quite seriously; much more so than in the United States at this time.

Originally my project was designed as a personal study to determine if SWHS has high levels of electrical pollution and if installing filters would be a feasible solution. However, when I realized the extent of our school’s problem I decided to go a step further and try to raise the money to install the filters as a service to the community. My father has offered to help me raise money privately through a non-profit organization, so that the filters could be installed at no cost to the school. It is note worthy that these filters never lose their effect. For this reason installing filters is a wise investment. But it is also the right thing to do since the school is not safe. However, in order for us to solicit donations, I need approval for the installation of these filters. I would love to be able to complete this project before I graduate, and to do so, I need approval soon while the awareness of Dave Stetzer’s work is still fresh in the minds of the members of this community.

I recently learned the school board is interested in replacing the current lights throughout the high school with energy saving T8 bulbs. Please be aware that, although these lights are very cost effective, there is irrefutable evidence the T8 bulbs are very dangerous to our bodies. (Unlike the current fluorescent lights in the school however, T8 lights do not radiate out from the bulb). If the school decides to put in T8 lights please have them equipped with appropriate filters. I would be pleased to discus the details of this with you at your convenience.

I am anxious to begin raising funds for this project. I believe there are no down sides to installing these filters, but if you have any questions I would be glad to try to answer them or at least find the answers!

Thank you for you consideration of this important issue,

Ana Weeks


Position Paper On “Dirty Electricity” Presentation and Request From Dr. Brad Weeks

from Superintendent Fred McCarthy to the members of the South Whidbey School Board


At the request of Mr. Parker I am providing this brief position paper on the topic of “dirty electricity” that had been brought to my attention by Dr. Brad Weeks, On December 5, 2008 school personnel and board members were invited to a meeting with a Mr. Dave Stetzer regarding his theory that “dirty electricity” exists in school district facilities and the use of a Graham/Stetzer filters, that are essentially capacitors, can eliminate the negative effects of this “dirty electricity.”  He used an oscilloscope to demonstrate a reduction in the electronic wavelength when the filter was used on an outlet.

Dr. Weeks provided multiple studies and references to support the theory and made three requests at the time:

  1. That his daughter, Anna, be allowed to do her senior project on this topic.
  2. That he would be willing to donate filters (estimated value $10, 000 if the results of her project indicated a need for them.
  3. Would the district accept them?

We agreed that Anna could do her project in this area with the mentoring of teacher, Jay Freundlich, and that we would be open to the donation of the filters.

Recently Dr. Weeks again contacted me and indicated that Anna’s project was completed, the results indicated a need for the filters. He asked whether the school district would be willing to accept and have the filters installed and whether the district would agree to co-sign a letter for fundraising purposes to approach potential benefactors who might assist in funding these filters.

In the meantime I had contacted PSE to inquire about an official position on the need for and value of these filters. Walt Blackford, Community Services Supervisor for South Whidbey Island PSE responded to me in writing that he had been in touch with Brenna Davis, an environmental scientist with PSE, and her opinion was: “that PSE does not offer recommendations on these kind of products. While there are anecdotal reports suggesting possible link between EMFs and health, no studies show a clear connection.”

With this in mind and being aware of a number of other environmental health concerns that have been expressed over time that fall into a similar category, I responded to Dr. Weeks that

1. We had approved Anna’s project

2. We were open to accepting the filters and to the conducting of a

study of their effects.

3. We were concerned about signing a letter endorsing the fundraising dimension because it implied tacit acceptance and endorsement of the science involved in the filters.  (Dr. Weeks adds: and it would require the school district finding the funding to electrically clear the other schools since I had only offered the gift of $6000 worth of filters for the high school, and not the intermediate and elementary schools.)

This is where the matter remains at the present time. I have a file of multiple studies for review by any board member. Dr. O’Neal has read them and Mr. Scoles has read them. ”

So what happened? People chose to do nothing.

Today we are being threatened with the hugely more toxic radiation from 5G.  Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr  describe this risk to your children at the 5G summit.

Thank You for joining the Summit! (read on for access to your free bonuses)


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