AIDs and Bee venom

Subject: AIDS


Dear Dr. Weeks,


I am sending you by separate mail the conclusions of the study made by Dr. Jorge Mesa and other doctors on bee venom. I hope you will find a medical doctor who speaks Spanish who can translate it for you. The work is going to be presented in Cartagena at a National Congress of Internal Medicine in August and will be published in the most important publication on medicine in Columbia. Because of these results, many doctors, specialists in different fields, are becoming interested in the matter, particularly studies on cellular immunity with bee venom including AIDS. For this reason the want some fresh bee venom, as you have sent me some before, so I ask you kindly to send me some of it again.

I will appreciate your commentary on this, and your kind help as you have always done.



Ruben Levy, M.D. Medellin, Columbia

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