Bee Venom – miscarriage

Subject: Miscarriage- Update on Jane Barlow:


Readers may recall that one of our members, Jane Barlow had a history of multiple miscarriages until she took bee venom. Thereupon she conceived and bore, with the help of a high-risk obstetrical team, a daughter Jillian in 1988. NMCAS follow-up last summer learned that she was again taking bee venom. “What are your symptoms?” I asked, dreading a return of pre-lupus symptoms. I was surprised to hear her response: “Jillian wants a brother or sister and I didn’t want to risk another miscarriage so I took bee venom”. Well, on September 17th, 1991, Jillian got her wish: Alex Coleman Barlow was born at full term with only a midwife in attendance. This uncomplicated birth was a wonderful contrast to the high-risk proceedings of the Jillian’s arrival. Great news! Congratulations. Barlows!

 (C)  Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. 1991

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