Problems with “sleeping” pills

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:

This is an interesting article because it is typical of the serious side-effects that derive from commonly prescribed “sleeping” pills. With few exceptions, all “sleeping” pills on the market and most SSRI drugs actually disrupt sleep although they do allow for 6 hours of amnestic, horizontal, unconsciousness… but because they interfere with stage 3,4 restorative, deep sleep, they are dangerous.



In the news:

State police found a bottle of Ambien prescribed to Steven Lessard and a bottle of other unidentified pills inside the Lake Peekskill house where he strangled his wife and teenage daughter before stabbing himself with a steak knife, Capt. Keith Corlett said yesterday.

“There is an indication he was on two medications,” Corlett said, adding that police are reviewing the contents of four computers seized from the Lessard family home at 18 Maple Road.

Ambien carries warnings that uncommon side effects can include “changes in behavior and thinking,” including “strange behavior” and “suicidal thoughts.”

When your doctor prescibed Ambien, did he or she tell you those side-effects?

For more info about the problems with “sleeping” pills and SSRI drugs, see

Avoid SSRI drugs and commonly prescribed sleeping pills (there are plenty of healthy and safe corrective measures and …

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