Do you mind if I cell phone?

Once upon a time in the not so remote past, someone could light up a cigarette beside me and not think anything of it. Even my loving parents, who devoted all their resources to nurturing and protecting my siblings and me smoked in our car during long road trips during which times I suffocated, while striving to master the physics of airflow via cracking windows and hunkering down away from the toxic fumes.

Social norms then evolved to the practice of asking, before lighting up, “Do you mind if I smoke?” And finally today, no one asks, they just slink outside for a covert and shame-filled rendezvous with nicotine.

On the airplane yesterday, upon touching down, the fellow right across the isle from me, literally within an arms reach, WITHOUT ASKING MY PERMISSION, rudely lit up his cell phone and called his wife to coordinate timing. He zapped his brain but, what concerns me more is the second hand radiation (what electricians call unintended radio wave emissions) that flew out of his cell phone and into the cells of my brain (moist electrolyte solutions that respond to radio waves) which were immediately heated up to carcinogenic levels while my entire genetic DNA took a hit. And he didn’t even ask me (or the rest of the 60 people trapped in that aluminum can called an airplane) if we minded that he lit up. Well, he really can be forgiven for not asking the 60 other passengers since 59 of them were lighting up their cells phones also!) Talk about a toxic soup of ricocheting cancer causing radiation!

My prediction: huge industry obliterating class action law suits against cell phone companies very similar to the suits against tobacco where the executives stood up and claimed “We didn’t know that tobacco was addictive”. The moral issues?  Just as tobacco companies targeted kids to get them hooked early, cell phone companies are selling red and pink and sexy looking accessorized cell phones to your kids and grand kids.

Oh, and did I mention, the fastest growing area in medicine today is: pediatric oncology. Kids with cancer.

To your health!


Cellular PhoneDoes this sound familiar?

  • Nearly everyone uses it
  • Has wide social acceptance
  • Highly habit forming

More hints:

  • More and more studies come out documenting harm from the product
  • Product manufacturer denies dangers

Sure sounds like the tobacco industry, doesn’t it? Well, it would appear the cellular phone industry is repeating the same path. We all know that history has a tendency to repeat itself, and that certainly seems to be the case here.

Critics claim the cell phone industry, just like the tobacco industry (Big Tobacco), seems determined to prevent and deny any suggestion that its products might be dangerous; however, years of negative research may prove otherwise.

For example, one study showed that radio waves from mobile phones definitely damage DNA and other cells in the body, and that the damage extended to the next generation of cells. Another research case in particular delivered quite a blow to the cell phone industry: The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association hired a man to head up a $28-million research program into possible health effects from cellular phones. Findings revealed that heavy cell phone users experienced:

  • An increased rate of brain cancer deaths
  • Development of tumors
  • Genetic damage

Ironically, the cell phone industry has not commissioned another large-scale study, at least not publicly, since. Why? Because the cell phone industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that can’t afford to find out that, ultimately, cell phones are dangerous. Moreover, similar to Big Tobacco, the cell phone industry will be opened up to large liability claims if they were to start issuing warnings and precautionary tales now, which opens up the possibility that they knew the danger of radio waves all along.

source: 3-8-05

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