More countries are turning off cell phones

Norwegian and Swedish users of mobile phones commonly report headaches, warmth on the ear and burning sensations of the facial skin, according to a just-published report.

  • Researchers sent questionnaires to 17,000 people in Sweden and Norway who use mobile phones as part of their job.
  • Nearly one of every four experienced at least one symptom associated with mobile phone use
  • Warmth sensations were mostly experienced during mobile phone calls. Other symptoms, such as headaches, most often began within half an hour after the call and usually lasted for up to 2 hours
  • Most of the respondents had not seen a physician, but about 45% had taken steps to relieve their symptoms, such as reducing the duration of calls and using “hands free equipment.”
  • Most people experienced a reduction of their symptoms as a result of the reported steps.
  • Symptoms were more likely to happen with calls lasting longer than 5 minutes

Occupational Medicine 2000;50:237-245.

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