The Health Effects of CFU light bulbs. Breaking news

There is a new TV program in Canada called “16:9 – The Bigger Picture” on Global TV. Their most recent show aired on Sunday Jan 4th and it featured the health effects of energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. -Week 6 Epis 106. Show is 15 minutes and you can view it on line at:×9/past.html

Rays of Rash? is part 1

Imagine turning on a light bulb and within 20 minutes you notice skin problems.

“When I looked in the mirror and saw my face I was absolutely horrified. I didn’t exactly know what had caused it or whether it could be controlled or whether it was short term or long term. So, I was just completely aghast.”

And there are others, who complain about getting dizzy, extremely arthritic, nagging pain and headaches.

When Jane Petiluck changed all her bulbs in the basement of her St. Catherines, Ontario home, a mysterious rash started to appear. Since then she has changed all the bulbs back to incandescent.

The first concern is what may be coming off from the bulbs. Ultraviolet Radiation. Scientists say the bulbs, give off UV. Like the sun gives off. We know this because Health Canada – they’re the people who make sure the products and drugs you use are safe – told us that in an email that “CFLs are not provided with a prismatic diffuser that filters ultraviolet radiation out. Therefore, there may be skin sensitivity issues, especially in people with certain skin diseases”

Health Canada is currently testing the bulbs to see if, and how much, radiation it gives off.

Dirty Energy is part 2

Dr. Magda Havas is an expert in her field. She tests all sorts of bulbs by measuring the power quality and radio frequencies that different bulbs give off. She measures for dirty electricity.

While the new fluorescent light bulbs may be environmentally friendly, the concern is about how much dirty electricity they’re emitting.

Havas says that a lot of people are responding negatively to these light bulbs. “They get headaches, they get other body aches and pains. Some of them have difficulty sleeping if they’re tired, some of them have mood disorders.”

But all of this is controversial – scientists do not agree if people can suffer from what’s called electromagnetic hype sensitivity. Another way of saying that people are getting sick from the electronic devices they use – and the stuff the devices give off.

It appears there may be a followup show. Information can be found at×9/index.html

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