WIFI in schools is NOT safe- the you tube lecture to watch!

Dr. Weeks Comments:  WIFI is convenient – yes. But is it safe?  Is it safe for students in schools? Has the science been studied?   Since the average student will be exposed to WIFI  (microwave) radiation 1,200 hours a year (6 hours a day  5 days a week   40  weeks a year= 1,2000 hours/year) that means the kids are getting or 12,000 hours of exposure over 10 years.  For example, to compare :  The INterphone study (2010) showed that adults using a cell phone  1,640 hours over 10 year period had a  40% increased risk of brain tumor (glioma).




Now search www.weeksmd.com  “electric”  or “electrical pollution” and  do the following

1) learn about cell phone radiation  and practice safe cell phoning

2)  remove compact fluorescent  (curly cue) light bulbs

3) throw away your portable phone (the ones that recharge in a base and which you can walk around the home with)

4) turn off WIFI  and revert to cables

5) 4) measure your home and office for electrical pollution using a Graham Stetzer meter and install Stetzer filters to electrical clear the toxic exposure.


Electriclearing needs to happen – start at home and then try and educate your school board. Mine at South Whidbey School district has refused to act to safeguard the students despite being informed of the scientific data for the past 4 years.

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