Electrical Sensitivity is a recognized health condition

Electrical Sensitivity is a recognized health condition

Dear CHE colleagues and others.

I am forwarding a poignant statement, prepared by a person suffering from electrical hypersensitivity.

— did not go so far as to indicate one of the causal factors are electromagnetic fields. Since I know this person and so many others whose lives have been disrupted due to this health condition, it is frustrating to learn how their individual rights are impaired due to the involuntary exposure conditions they are forced to endure. In 2003, the World Health Organization recognized that EHS is a health condition however it known as electrical hypersensitivity. At the same time. the WHO did not go so far as to link this condition to any one causal factor rather it stated that the causes are unknown. Well, according to the independent scientists, including tose who signed the Benevento resolution (www.icems.eu), for the growing number of people who suffer the effects of this condition, now counting over 130 million people world wide, one of the known causes is EMF exposure. The Benevento scientists state that EHS may be genetically related and call for more investigations as to cause and for reduced EMF exposures as a precautionary measure.

Libby Kelley
Managing Secretariat
International Commission For Electromagnetic Safety
Email: info@icems.eu
Web: www.icems.eu,

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