No place to run? European eco-village

EHS : information on the European eco-village White Zone Health Zone.


European pilot White Zone Health Zone eco-village


The creation of complexes of White Zone Health Zone eco-villages for the EHS in Europe has become an urgent necessity.
This project, which has been in preparation for several years, has been conceived on the basis of sustainable development.
All the buildings of the White Zone Health Zone eco-village complex are biocompatible, with particular regard to low-frequency radiation, and meet strict building regulations.

This first eco-village (a second is being planned) is situated on a hillside at 500-1000 m altitude
in a magnificent unspoilt landscape with vast forests in the southeast of France.

An architect is in charge of the design of the complex and of the building work and landscaping for the additional EHS rented chalets and private houses.

No other building is in sight in any direction (see photos from the dossier for EHS house owners).

The nearest town with full facilities (and phone antennas!) is about 10 kilometres away along an easy road with no traffic, no lights and no stop signs the whole way (average journey time 10 minutes).


The eco-village itself consists of 3 distinct areas on private land of more than 50 hectares (125 acres), with a planned zone of more than 100 hectares (250 acres) free from High-Frequency radiation.

1: A central area that includes all the shared facilities and the EHS overnight accommodation.

2: A more secluded area, with its own access, of EHS rental chalets.

3: Another secluded area, with separate access, for houses belonging to EHS owners.

The village complex is protected by an access road on the uphill side with security gates and an EMF detector that forbids entry to any person or any vehicle that does not meet the regulations.
Any vehicles (for instance those belonging to guests of house owners) that do not meet the standards will have to be put in a car park outside the entrance.

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