Corrective Cancer care – inhibiting the lethal cancer stem cells

Dr. Weeks’  Comment:      Take a look at this video    (and encourage your oncologist to look also!)

Here  Prof. Max Wicha is speaking on cancer stem cell growth actually being promoted by chemotherapy treatments.  (Say WHAT???)

This is the first time a top tier researcher is saying the chemotherapy is selectively killing the non-malignant cells in a tumor while tragically promoting the growth of the lethal and malignant cancer stem cells in the tumor.

(Yes….  you read that accurately! )

Then, to make things worse,  the dying non-malignant cancer cells secrete IL-8  chemokines which stimulates the lethal and malignant cancer stem cells to grow…  yikes!

And this from well-intended doctors who took an oath to  “do no harm”.

Prof. Wicha says chemotherapy by itself is not the answer.

You will learn why Corrective Cancer Care is a wise integrative strategy according to the logic of  this thinking. By offering Haelan and other anti-inflammatory agents like curry we strive to modify the cancer micro-environment by blocking the CXCR1 receptor  in order to reduce and not stimulate cancer  when we give low dose, targeted chemotherapy.

This is a short video, but has a message that should not be overlooked:

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