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Dr. Weeks’ comment:  The first fatality in the war against freedom, the first right we lose as we clutch at “security” (by the way, that terms certainly needs to be defined fully!)  is the freedom to fully engage in a reasoned and intellectually rigorous dialogue about critical topics.  When two sides differ, the right to free exchange and decisions based upon the merits of arguments is thrown in the ditch and trod upon by shrill protectors of the public interest. First opposing views are ridiculed (an intellectually cowardly gesture) then vilified (a more despicably dishonest gesture) then a period of impotent co-existence of differing paradigms hover until common sense prevails.  Think Galileo and the “discussion” he has with the Catholic Inquisition. Think holistic doctors and the “discussion” we have with our respective state medical boards.    But here following, for those with open and curious minds, are some arguments against the generally accepted concept of global warming. It makes for interesting reading and primes us for more intelligent discussions with those with whom we disagree.

I have never been to the arctic, so I can’t vouch for the first article, but I studied political philosophy in college and have been an interested observer of political processes – both domestic and internationally – in the present and historically.  Therefore I do know about the technique of cultivating a “threat” which not only unifies a population against a common enemy but also unifies them into compromise of principles “for the common good.”  Global warming is controversial – all I ask is that we also see it as an instrument of population control – a common threat which can be used as leverage to coerce us towards policy changes which depart radically from the rights of man and freedom from government intervention.  – As I write these words about global warming,  it is snowing in Seattle in February and my honeybees are confused in their hives …  and they aren’t privy to the varying opinions about global warming….





In summary, our position on global warming is that it is a real phenomenon but it is cyclical, has occurred many times before in Earth’s history, is caused primarily by cycles in solar activity, is NOT caused by industrial activity, is NOT dangerous (in fact is beneficial), and is being used as a scare tactic to frighten us into accepting greater government control over our activities and our lives. This page is devoted to a hefty sampling of the reasons for this view.

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US Navy records shows that arctic ice volume has increased 25% in last 2 years, completely debunking the global-warming myth. Mainstream media has ignored this finding. IceAgeNow 2010 May 29 (Cached)

Head of space research at Russia’s Astronomical Observatory in St. Petersburg says we are headed into a mini ice age. The global warming of the previous century was not caused by greenhouse gasses but by high solar activity, and the current temperature decline will continue with or without a rise in CO2 levels. He says a reasonable way to combat cooling trends is “to maintain economic growth in order to adapt to the upcoming new Little Ice Age in the middle of the 21st century.” IceAgeNow 2010 May 20 (Cached)

New tests show that Antarctica ice is increasing, not melting. Mail Online 2010 Jan 12 (Cached)

VIDEO: “Tracking Down the Climate Scammers” is a TV program hosted by Jesse Ventura, ex Governor of Minnessotta. His investigating team discovers the roots of the global-warming and carbon-credit scam, exposing the man at the top. Drama added but factually accurate. YouTube 2010 Jan 7

No rise of airborne carbon dioxide in past 150 years, new research finds. Science Daily 2009 Dec 31 (Cached)

Over 500 Internet entries showing that global warming is not man-made were erased by an administrator of Wikipedia who is a Green Peace activist. This Internet encyclopedia has become a propaganda organ for the global-warming myth and other collectivist agendas. WND 2009 Dec 21 (Cached)

UK: Leaked emails from climate science group reveals that original temperature data that allegedly shows global warming has been dumped. No one now can check the group’s calculations or methods. How convenient. Times Online 2009 Nov 29 (Cached)

New Zealand: Climate researchers discover that widely published data showing rising temperatures was falsified by big-name global-warming advocates. ICECAP 2009 Nov 25 (Cached)

UK: Lord Monckton delivers a scathing condemnation of the global-warming mythmakers and calls them by their correct names: fraudsters, huckstering snake-oil salesmen, profiteers, and criminals. Well worth the read. Pajamas Media 2009 Nov 23 (Cached)

UK: Leaked documents from university climate-research unit reveal manipulation and suppression of data to create false support for global-warming myth. Should be the final nail in the coffin of cap-and-trade legislation – but it will be ignored, because the political goal is control of humans, not concern for climate. American 2009 Oct 30 (Cached)

Global warming myth makers now admit to having exaggerated their claims but still say that their core science is valid – and they continue to say that all experts agree with them, the greatest exaggeration of all. Times Online 2009 Oct 30 (Cached)

Russian research forecasts global cooling. Once again it is shown that the Sun, not man, is the cause of previous warming cycles. But this fact is ignored as politicians continue their relentless push for global tax and control in the name of global warming. WND 2009 Oct 27 (Cached)

Atlantic hurricanes once again fail to cooperate with global-warming models. The 2009 hurricane season has the least storms since 1997 and the least hurricanes since 1982. Cooler ocean temperatures is the main factor. Reuters 2009 Oct 14 (Cached)

Famous “hockey stick” graph, showing recent global warming, is exposed as a fraud. Tree-ring data was cherry-picked to produce a false result. Using the entire data set, the hockey stick disappears and the graph actually turns downward. National Review 2009 Sept 28 (Cached)

For second straight year, Arctic ice cap sees record increase. Last year’s increase was 150,000 square miles; this year’s is 220,000 square miles. The NSIDC, a U.S. government agency, reports the fact but then buries it beneath the usual spin about global warming.
NSIDC 2009 Sept 17

Suppressed EPA document shows global warming to be a hoax. Fox/YouTube 2009 June 29

31,000 scientists sign statement that there is no convincing evidence of human activity causing global warming. Yet, politicians completely ignore the evidence and push for laws to control industry and tax citizens for energy use. This is about political power, not the environment. Class Brain Posted 2009 June 27

MIT scientists conclude that increase in greenhouse gasses may not be man-made after all.
Daily Galaxy 2009 June 25

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered. In fact, it is 30% greater than last year. Scientists producing charts showing ice shrinkage caught lying. Register 2008 Aug 15

Prediction of Polar Bear decline is critically flawed, says forecasting expert. Science Daily 2008 May 8

New satellite data reveals Earth is entering 23-year cooling cycle. The global-warming scare is over.
Center for Global Food Issues 2008 May 5

Antarctic warming predictions have failed to materialize, new study finds. Yahoo News 2008 May 7

Bird populations on the increase, exact opposit to claims by global-warning alarmists. Info Wars 2008 Apr 17

It’s now official: Global cooling has begun.
Daily Tech 2008 Feb 26

China: Power grid destroyed by prolonged snow and ice. Lowest temperatures in over a century.
Epoch Times 2008 Feb 7

Ice returns as Greenland temperatures plummet. Copenhagen Post 2008 Jan 16

“Stock up on fur coats and felt boots!” says Russian scientist. Global cooling is next. RIA Novosti 2008 Jan 3

U.S. Senate Report: Over 400 scientists dispute man-made global warming. Debunks “consensus”. EPW 2007 Dec 20

2007 was the 9th consecutive year of global cooling. Washington Times 2007 Dec 19

Over 100 prominent scientists warn UN: Attempting to control climate is ”˜futile’. CFP 2007 Dec 13

VIDEO: Ron Paul slams global warming ‘fearmongering’. Prison Planet 2007 Dec 6

Retreat of Artic ice is localized, caused by wind patterns. Overall, it is getting thicker. Heartland 2007 Nov 29

VIDEO: Founder of Weather Channel says global warming is greatest scam in history. CNN 2007 Nov 15

Scientists believe warmer North Pole caused by ocean currents, not global warming. Register 2007 Nov 15

UK: Judge rules Gore’s film on global warming is full of errors. Register 2007 Oct 11

Scientists now are predicting global cooling. CFP Posted 2007 Oct 6

Global Warming (NOT) and the Chesapeake Bay . NewsByUs 2007 Oct 4

Reports of record Arctic ice melt disgracefully ignore history. News Busters Posted 2007 Sep 29

Antarctic ice grows to record levels & Over 500 scientists published studies countering global warming fears. CFP 2007 Sep 13

New study shows that most published scientists do NOT endorse global warming theory. EPW 2007 Aug 29

New study concludes that global warming is not caused by human activity. WND 2007 Aug 20

Global warming scientists fudge data to make their case. CFP 2007 Aug 16

Error found in NASA climate data. Warmest year on record now is 1934, not 1998. Global warming? Daily Tech Posted 2007 Aug 11

Latest scientific studies refute fears of Greenland melt. It has been getting colder since 1955. CFP 2007 July 31

South African water experts find that Earth’s warming is linked to Sun. CFP 2007 July 24

Another climatologist says the Sun is causing global warming, not man. CFP 2007 July 7

Ancient Greenland was covered with forests. Global warming is a natural cycle. MSNBC 2007 July 5

Canadian Professor says: Prepare for Global COOLING. NewsMax 2007 June 21

Global-Warming scientists changing from believers to skeptics. CFP 2007 May 16

More scientists say case for global warming is irrational. Standard Freeholder 2007 Apr 27

Solar flares in December were ten times stronger than previous record. Disrupts GPS [and causes global warming]. Register 2007 Apr 5

Mars experiencing global warming – obviously not man made. Sun-spot deniers struggle to explain it. Register 2007 Apr 5

Globalists and multinational corporatists say they want universal belief in man-made global warming. Just the opposite of what we have been told. Prison Planet 2007 Mar 28

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Electric Bill. 20 times greater than for average home. CFP 2007 Mar 12

Warming on Mars from increased Sun activity challenges theory that Earth warming is caused by man. CFP 2007 Mar 2

Cold temperatures in Antarctic do not support global warming predictions. Ohio State Univ 2007 Feb 15

Danish researchers say ”˜Blame cosmic rays not CO2 for warming the planet’. Times OnLine 2007 Feb 12

President of Czech Republic says man-made global warming is a myth – Questions Gore’s Sanity. Drudge Report 2007 Feb 12

Former Editor of New Scientist says artic ice is melting but antarctic ice is growing. Global warming is cyclical, related to Solar activity, not man made. Times OnLine 2007 Feb 11

Scientists and media predicted global cooling crisis only 32 years ago. Here’s the proof. Can we trust them now? Newsweek Posted 2007 Feb 7

Climate professor says: Global Warming is NOT due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide. CFP 2007 Feb 5

Threat of climate change more about redistributing wealth than science. CFP 2007 Feb 5

Senate hears testimony from scientists who reject theory of man-made global warming. EPW 2006 Dec 6

Renowned scientist defects from belief in global warming. While Artic ice is shrinking, Antarctic ice is growing. EPW Posted 2006 Dec 2

Climate chaos? Don’t believe it. UK Telegraph Posted 2006 Nov 5

Global warming occurred in pre-historic times. Not man-made then or now. Science News 2006 Oct 7

The oceans are cooling, scientists report. Science News Posted 2006 Sept 30

Senator presents facts that challenge the myth of man-made global warming. Canada Free Press 2006 Sept 25

Global warming is a scam, say college professors. Denver Post 2006 Sept 24

Global warming? What they don’t tell us in the media. New American 2006 Sept 12

US Academy of Sciences ignores 1500-year climate cycle that disproves global warming. CFP 2006 July 1

More junk science behind global warming myth exposed. CFP 2006 June 27

Story of bears eating each other as result of global warming shown to be a lie. CFP 2006 June 15

Scientists reject Gore’s warnings of climate catastrophe. CFP 2006 June 12

Global warming predates mankind. Investors Posted 2006 June 3

Did global warming stop in 1998? Temperatures have declined for last 7 years. CFP 2006 May 25

Global warming is a myth to promote a political agenda. Here are the scientific facts. CFP 2006 May 18

Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence. WSJ 2006 Apr 12

Is Global Warming Getting Colder? CFP 2006 Mar 30

Time cover story offers no evidence of global warming caused by humans. CFP 2006 Mar 30

Some glaciers are melting (they usually do) but polar caps are growing, not shrinking. CFP 2006 Mar 11

Michael Chrichton (author of Jurassic Park) says environmentalism has become a religion. This speech was given in 2003 but its words are timeless. (Cached)

Can you pass the global-warming test?

What about global pollution?

Protecting the Environment. Not if but how

VIDEO: Scores of top scientists expose the Global Warming Myth. Channel 24, UK 2007 March 13

VIDEO: How our liberties are being taken in the name of environmentalism. Seven short videos.

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