Update on Japanese radiation in USA

Dr. Weeks’ comment:   No one disagrees with the old saying “Better safe than sorry”  which is why despite our government telling us there is nothing to worry about,  I told my patients and newsletter subscribers to… worry! But not just to worry, to take protective and preventive measures:  eat kelp (GlandRegen) and take iodine supplements (IodAssist, SSKI, Lugol’s)

Now Robert Cohen of  www.notmilk.com confirms that we were smart to worry:


” We’re Screwed

“Well, I screwed it up real good, didn’t I?”

– Richard M. Nixon

If you’ve taken my advice regarding the Japanese
radiation threat, you’ve protected yourself.

If you’ve taken President Obama’s Advice that there’s
nothing to worry about, and if you’ve relied upon
USDA, FDA, and EPA guarantees, than you’re screwed.

EPA has ridiculed naysayers such as myself, representing
that radiation from Japan could not possibly pose a
danger for anybody living as far away as America.

Last week, water in Little Rock, Arkansas tested three times
the safe level. Let me repeat that. Three times (one, two,
three times) the safe level.

It’s a good thing that dairy cows are now drinking bottled
Evian water melted from glaciers in the French Alps. Otherwise,
radioactivity from rain water would concentrate in their milk
and poison Arkansas children.

Triple the safe level? Read it and weep:


What else do you not want to know about radioactivity?
Try this one:

According to Forbes Magazine, last week, radioactive
Cesium 137 from Japan was detected in milk from Vermont
The half-life of radioactive Iodine is 8 days.
The half-life of radioactive cesium is 30 years. Ouch!

Remember who told you to eat kelp as medicine during this
nuclear incident. Remember who told you otherwise…”

As for now?

1) don’t eat dairy products  like milk, yogurt and cheese (which CONCENTRATE) radioactive material;

2) if you are breast feeding, be very careful what you yourself eat because your breast milk ALSO concentrates things you ingest (nicotine from cigarettes, pesticides from non-organic food and radioactively contaminated foods)

3) continue taking your iodine supplements (IodAssist, SSKI, Lugol’s) and GlandRegen (available at SAFA LAB  and the Weeks Clinic dispensary – call  360-341-2303)



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