News Flash: YOU are a doctor! (legally speaking, in Washington State))

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   Are you practicing medicine without a license?

If you live in  Washington State (and many others too!), you probably are!

RCW 18.71.011

Definition of practice of medicine ””

A person is practicing medicine if he or she does one or more of the following:

(1) Offers or undertakes to diagnose, cure, advise, or prescribe for any human disease, ailment, injury, infirmity, deformity, pain or other condition, physical or mental, real or imaginary, by any means or instrumentality;

(2) Administers or prescribes drugs or medicinal preparations to be used by any other person;

(3) Severs or penetrates the tissues of human beings;

(4) Uses on cards, books, papers, signs, or other written or printed means of giving information to the public, in the conduct of any occupation or profession pertaining to the diagnosis or treatment of human disease or conditions the designation “doctor of medicine,” “physician,” “surgeon,” “m.d.,” or any combination thereof unless such designation additionally contains the description of another branch of the healing arts for which a person has a license: PROVIDED HOWEVER, That a person licensed under this chapter shall not engage in the practice of chiropractic as defined in RCW 18.25.005.


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