Vit B12 for energy – finally catching on!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Alas…. the premiere health journal in America is …. TIME (because the more eyeballs on the article, the more powerful.)   So  Dr. Oz’s enthusiasm for vitamin B12 is very welcome!  (note Vit B12 shots also help with early onset dementia).


My friend Dr. Gordon sends this:

Are you exhausted, forgetful and lacking energy? You may suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency. Find out what causes this deficiency and what you can do about it.

B12 deficiency is rampant and Dr OZ is waking America up to this fact! These links have segments from his show that are useful to help patients learn that there are so many symptoms associated with suboptimal B12 intake for which most people wind up getting a useless drug that will cause more harm than good. It is always best to fix the problem not live on a drug! We need to find a method whereby FACT members get all of their patients email addresses and share some of this kind of vital information with your entire patient list.

However, we know that the bigger issue is really that patients are in danger with Folic Acid and that it can cause cancer whereas the Folate treats cancer. Just taking B12 without Folic Acid is unwise but with the toxins found in everyone today, there is a provable methylation epigenetic change that means approximately 40% of all patients must take the  methyl form of B12 (more expensive) and the methyl form of Folate ( again more expensive but VITAL over their lifetime).
Patients must  not rely just on the cheap synthetic form of  Folic Acid found in their multiple supplements if they are to avoid the complications of Folate deficiency, which include Cancer, premature aging, Alzheimer’s etc.

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