Your knees, hips and heels: use it or lose it!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Yes,  we are all getting older.  No argument. But 50 for you might be different than 50 for me.  

60 -70- 80 … these ages in life involve chronological data points but like a hand dealt in poker, age is not determinative; how you play the hand you are dealt is as important as what cards you hold.  So get off the couch.  Genetic effects are real but also, like the card metaphor, rarely entirely determinative. Feed your genes right and exercise your genes. Let these two old guys dancing be an inspiration to you:  James Cagney (56) and Bob Hope (52) dance at a Friar’s Club Meeting  revealing the enormous talent of these two entertainers



Thanks to the great Dr. Robert Black for sharing this video!


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