Nerve Pain? Just add sugar…

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Topical injections for pain have been varied and fascinating over the years:  procaine, Sarracenia, honeybee venom, platelet rich plasma (PRP) , mannitol and now, sugar (dextrose).   How does intradermal sugar help pain? It is called Neural Prolotherapy and like most “centsible” Corrective Health care options. But let’s look at how the nerves react to this process.


Pinning down the pain: Schwann cell protein plays major role in neuropathic pain (March 27, 2013) — Scientists say a key protein in Schwann cells performs a critical, perhaps overarching, role in regulating the recovery of peripheral nerves after injury. The discovery has implications for improving the treatment of neuropathic pain, a complex and largely mysterious form of chronic pain that afflicts over 100 million Americans. … > full story

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