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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: EDTA chelation, the standard of care for lead toxicity has been offered off-label by chelating doctors for over 60 years to benefit patients suffering from heart disease and cerebral or peripheral vascular disease.  Being a safe and effective and inexpensive (i.e. “centsible”) treatment alternative to expensive and dangerous and invasive by-pass  surgery, it has been vilified and dismissed by cardiologists whose treatments would become unnecessary if EDTA chelation were widely accepted.  Enter the TACT study, a million dollar multi-year study which astonished and angered cardiologists when it proved that EDTA chelation therapy was indeed beneficial in all measured parameters: 

  • Overall improvement in heart health 18%

  • Death reduced 7%

  • Heart Attacks reduced 23%

  • Hospitalizations reduced 28%

  • Diabetic heart complications reduced 39%

  • Heart Surgeries reduced 19%

  • Strokes reduced 23%


Impressed? Surprised that your doctor and cardiologist never told you to consider chelation?


See the trailer of the movie “UNLEADED” here. 




If EDTA Chelation Therapy is so Good,

Why Is It Not More Widely Accepted?


James P. Carter, MD, DrPH

When he wrote this original article Dr. Carter was Professor and Head, Nutrition Section, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Reprinted from the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 2, Numbers 1/2, Spring/Summer 1989, pages 213-226.


ABSTRACT: A summary of the medical politics, turf struggles between medical specialties and factions in the health care professions, and the medical economics of EDTA chelation therapy is described in detail to answer the question, “If EDTA chelation therapy is so good, why is it not more widely accepted?”

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