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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The license of respected doctors have been suspended by biased and uninformed medical boards on a vendetta against holistic and anti-aging doctors simply for prescribing HGH for the treatment of diseases.  No actual harm alleged – only a “theoretical” risk of harm. This is a travesty because HGH is legal for doctors to prescribe unless it is prescribed for performance enhancement.  More and more science supports the use of HGH for diseased patients.  Who is listening? 


New Science Proves Numerous Benefits to HGH Use

Austin, TX — (SBWIRE) — 10/08/2013 — HGH or human growth hormone comes under scrutiny often and there is a great deal of skepticism over the benefits of taking an HGH supplement, especially when it’s related to the anti aging benefits. The science has been there for decades but skeptics were always ready to discredit it for a number of reasons. New science and research is making it increasingly difficult not to agree that there are numerous benefits to HGH use. For a comprehensive lis of HGH benefits go to Perimeterinstitute

“The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed.” Daniel Rudman, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine.

HGH benefits are many but the main benefits that research has confirmed include:

– Increased energy
– Increased endurance
– Improved sports performance
– Improved recovery after high intensity workout
– Reduced fat especially in the belly area
– Increased lean muscle mass
– Increased bone density, which helps to reduce osteoporosis
– Lower blood pressure
– Improved libido
– Improved cardiac function
– Improved cholesterol profile
– Improved mood
– Better sleep patterns
– Promotes thicker hair growth
– Reverses fine lines and wrinkles
– Reversal of organ age
– Reverses many of the signs of aging
– Prevent and/or treat some cancers
– Improve kidney function

“Growth hormone stops the aging process in the body and reverses many of the problems that are caused by aging such as wrinkling skin, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, increased cholesterol, decreased stamina and energy, and decreased mental function.” Dr. Lawrence Dornan, Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging.

Recent hysteria in the media over HGH is another great example of why reporters and government officials, along with other non-scientist shouldn’t be involved in decisions relating to the use of HGH – those decisions should remain in the hands of doctors and other health care professionals.

There has even been talk about prison time for patients and doctors caught prescribing HGH injections . Yet the science says HGH is an effective treatment. It quickly becomes obvious that government should stick to governing and doctors to practicing medicine in whatever form that might take.

AS per this article at Perimeterinstitute , if you were to examine the numerous neurogenesis discussions you’d find that HGH has been identified as being very important in the growth of new brain cells after suffering a stroke. Other science has shown a dramatic increase in the healing of wounds and in patients in hospital burn units who have undergone skin grafts, when HGH is administered. Still other doctors will tell you that their patients no longer need dialysis as a result of HGH. Most of the science shows that HGH will inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors and can improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy in treating cancer.

What a travesty it would be if doctors were sent to prison for prescribing HGH, to cure end stage kidney disease, prevent and/or cure some forms of cancer, healing burn patients, increase how fast wounds heal, and even heal fractured bones. The scientific studies are completed and they show us what needs to be done.

Why then is the government so interested in stepping in to regulate what science clearly shows should be a treatment available for doctors to freely prescribe in the HGH injection form and for consumers to freely use in the HGH supplement form.  HGH supplements such as Genf20 Plus, Provacyl and Sytropin are adequate for most people unless they suffer from a severe deficiency. For more facts on Sytropin for instance go to Perimeterinstitute

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