Warning: Obamacare website is a trojan horse

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  From the start, concerned citizens have been warning that Obamacare violates our constitutional rights and is a data gathering Big-Brother effort to further commercialize our citizenry (i.e. to turn free people into commercial cogs in a vast medical industrial system). Sounds paranoid?  Perhaps. But if you read Mike’s article


you will think twice about interacting at health care.gov….    

Furthermore, weren’t you concerned when Pelosi admitted treason when she quipped: “We need to pass it so we can see what is in it.”   She is sworn to defend our Constitution – it is treason not to –  but she was willing to sign something into law without vetting it to assure herself and her constituents that the proposed law was actually constitutional???



The Health care. gov website turns out to be a Trojan Horse that gathers emails, passwords, social security numbers, private banking details and other information you would normally want to keep private.

This information is then cross-referenced to your computer’s IP address. From there, all your web surfing habits are tracked by IP and recorded along with your social security number.

The Obamacare exchanges then promises to take any information you provided them and “turn it over to law enforcement” and IRS auditors.

This is not a joke. This is how the government has tricked millions of people into self-incrimination. See the proof in my feature story:

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