Herbal Remedies and Cancer

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   This herb and cancer issue is a time-honored relationship which precedes patent medications.  The arrogance and ignorance of medical “experts” who opine that herbs can be dangerous is astonishing.  

“…Although herbs have not been proven to treat or prevent cancers, studies indicate that some herbs, such as ginger and ginseng, are effective in relieving treatment-associated symptoms…”

(source:  http://ascopost.com/issues/october-15,-2013/herb-drug-interactions-in-oncology.aspx)

Of course, this is erroneous since there are many studies which support the use of herbs as anti-cancer agents.

Show me the research and spare me the pontificating.  The research actually supports the use of herbs since the antioxidant effects aid the healthy cells selectively and do NOT spare the cancer cells from the effects of pro-oxidant chemo or radiation therapy .

See these references for the power of 1) black cumin seed    this   this    this   this

2) curcumin  this  this this

3) fermented soy   this  this  this  

4) berberine   this

…  and other anti-cancer herbs. Just search your herb and cancer at www.weeksmd.com


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