HGH and acceleration of tissue repair

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Many of we innovative doctors know that human growth hormone (HGH) is highly beneficial for the treatment of most chronic degenerative diseases where, with normal aging, the human body suffers from deficiencies of nutrients and consequently, from  inefficiencies of metabolism. Just as aging women run out of estrogen, aging men run out of testosterone, all aging people run out of DHEA and thyroid hormones so too does the again human run out of HGH. More correctly known as the “master hormone” (since is helps optimize function of all biochemical processes as we age)  HGH is vital to healthy aging.    But the only time HGH makes new is when a doctor is  reported for illegally prescribing  HGH.  So is HGH illegal?  No. Unless it is being prescribed for performance enhancement to competitive athletes. It is NOT   illegal for your doctor to prescribe it to help you combat illness and diseases associated with normal aging. Granted, this is a point of controversy and legal cases are underway to restore your right to use HGH, but now, a crack in the armor defending against your right to use this tremendously beneficial hormone appears thanks to the maverick owner of the Mavericks: Mark Cuban. 


AAG Health Commends Mark Cuban’s Support of Human Growth Hormone Research

Dallas Mavericks owner funds new 2-year HGH study.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

AAG Health, the leader in integrative wellness, is excited to throw its support behind Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who recently funded a university study about human growth hormone.

Cuban, who has brought up the topic of HGH at past NBA Board of Governors’ meetings, sees the hormone as a potential way for injured athletes to recover faster, according to an April 4 ESPN Dallas article. His hope is that the medical university study reinforces this belief and removes the negative stigma of HGH in sports.

“We applaud Mr. Cuban’s efforts to shed some light on the benefits of human growth hormone,” says AAG Health CEO Mark White. “It’s my sincere hope that his contribution to the study is the start to a healthy discussion about the therapeutic use of HGH in sports.”

At AAG Health, thousands of clients with deficient HGH levels have already experienced the benefits of HGH replacement firsthand. The integrative wellness leader has helped both men and women increase their energy, boost their sex drive, gain more muscle and improve their mental acuity. But there’s more to AAG Health than just hormones.

“HGH replacement therapy is just one of the services we offer here at AAG Health,” says Senior Medical Director Christopher Senger, MD. “We also provide other hormone replacement therapies, advanced diagnostic testing, PRP therapy and aesthetic procedures to help you look young and feel great.”

According to ESPN Dallas, Mr. Cuban has been mum about details of the study since it is awaiting approval from the FDA. Due to this pending approval, it’s unclear when research would actually begin.

“I just want to know what reality is,” Mr. Cuban said to ESPN Dallas (http://espn.go.com/dallas/nba/story/_/id/10725677/mark-cuban-dallas-mavericks-helping-fund-study-hgh-use). “If we can improve recovery time, obviously that’s a plus for all of us, but there was never any basis in fact for not allowing it for use [while recovering from injuries].”

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