Useless or not well enough studied? Behold bias.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Let’s take a minute and review Scientific Methodology 101 and Reasoning 101:  Here are two distinct responsible, scientific statements followed by one irresponsible biased statement masquerading as scientific.  Read these carefully and consider what you are being told.

1) there is not enough data for me to have a scientific opinion

2) I deem something to be useless based upon review of adequate data

Then there is the biased opinion which is glaringly unscientific:

3) There is not enough data for me to have a scientific opinion but I deem it to be useless anyways.


Here is the headline: by Vishnu Datta M  in the Guardian

Does Homeopathy have any impact? – Australia declares it ”˜USELESS’ study conducted


Here is what the popular media reported:

“Australia’s main medical group, the National Health and Medical Research Council, has concluded that homeopathy is “useless.” “   (not actually what the study concluded)


BUT what does the actual study report?


Here is the Title of the Study

NHMRC draft Information Paper: Evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy for treating health conditions.  (no conclusion)


Here is the Conclusion of the actual Study:  

There is a paucity of good-quality studies of sufficient size that examine the effectiveness of homeopathy as a treatment for any clinical condition in humans. The available evidence is not compelling and fails to demonstrate that homeopathy is an effective treatment for any of the reported clinical conditions in humans.  (not enough data to say)


Here is the report:


I image a world where people think for themselves and disregard unreasonable, biased  talking heads…

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