Black cumin seeds and Cancers

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: More and more people are benefiting from Black cumin seeds.  What we are learning is that the benefits of this anti-inflammatory seed are amplified by creating a delicious synergistic blend with black raspberry seed and Chardonnay grape seed sweetened by the nature sweeteners Ribose and Xylitol with a small amount of cane juice to offset the blood sugar lowering effect of the prior 5 ingredients.


Black Cumin Preventing And Curing Cancer

by T.L.Liik

cancer_cellsNigella Sativa or black cumin is always considered a spice that has high curative powers against salient diseases or physical disorders. These small seeds possess a lot of important natural elements, which are not only good for health, but also highly beneficial against different kinds of diseases or physical problems.

It contains the very important beta-sitosterol, which is a miracle compound that has been noted to have anti tumor power. Throughout the Middle East, black cumin has always been considered an important natural element, having high curative or preventative power. In fact, this spice is mostly produced in the Middle East region and it is highly available in other parts of Asia too.

Not just in Asia, but in Western Countries, the use of black cumin for different purposes has been noted. Mostly, this spice is used for preparing foods and it has its own unique charm or flavor to offer. Researchers or physicians from the Western countries are now discovering a lot of health benefits of this magical seed or spice.

Through researches, it has been found that there are some natural ingredients present inside these seeds which will help you to combat with complicated disease like cancer. It prevents human cells from cancer and also helps to cure cancer effectively to some extent, not fully though.

A Look Back to History

If we delve deeper in the history of black cumin seeds oil, we shall find that this miracle seed was used for curing several diseases. In several ancient scriptures, it has been mentioned that black cumin was used to resolve different kinds of human body or organ complications.

Not just in ancient Middle East, but also in ancient India as well as China, cumin seed was used to be applied as medications against several body disorders. Mainly, gastronomic issues can be served with precision with the help this spice. As time progress, different other benefits of cumin seeds have approached to us.

In the year of 1997, South California’s Cancer Research Laboratory discovered that the oil of Nigella Sativa have stimulating impact over neutrophil granulocytes. This is the most abandoned type of white blood cell that can restrain the growth of cancer cells as well as tumor cells inside human bodies. It also produces interferon, which blocks fresh cells from getting damaged by the cancer cells. It also increases the number of antibody producing B-Cells.

In separate studies, conducted in the year of 2011, Chinese and Saudi Arabian researchers have found that black cumin seeds can effective cure as well as prevent chances of cancer. Well, this is no doubt the major benefit of cumin seed to be found till this date. Researchers also confirmed that cumin seed extracted oil clearly has a lot of anti-cancer ingredients that protect our cells from being trapped by cancer disease.

It is worth to be mentioned that in ancient Indian civilization, use of cumin seed oil can be noted. It is the Ayurveda, which has first successfully extracted oil from these magical seeds. The oil extract of cumin seeds contains high percentage of Thymoquinone, which is regarded as the key ingredient to provide anti-cancer power to cumin oil.

Furthermore, Thymoquinone (TQ) is not just an anti-cancer ingredient, it is also an ingredient, which helps building body defense. This means, it enhances the immunity level of person and thus our body becomes self-motivated to fight against different diseases.

After the revolutionary research that says black cumin prevents cancer, a lot of new researches have emerged and a lot of new studies have been initiated. From such studies, interesting results have approached. Black cumin can combat with different types of cancer diseases.

Medical Studies re Black Cumin Oil And Cancer:

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cancer in the USA and it has only 4% survival rate through the standardize treatments of this disease in the USA. It is definitely a massive disease, where chances of survival are such low. Through researches, it has been found that black cumin or Nigella Sativa can destroy 80% pancreatic cancer cells. This is possibly the biggest discovery that took place till date with the black cumin seeds. [Read Reports]

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is also a common type of cancer in the USA and many people, especially those who are aged more than 50 years, are vulnerable to it. Colon Cancer results in severely painful experience and chances of survival for patients are also quite low in this case. Black cumin can effective prevent and combat with colon cancer cells. [Read Reports]

Breast Cancer

With the advent of time, breast cancer has become one of the major diseases for women. Women from different parts of the world are facing this problem. The pity is chance for surviving is also pretty slim in case of breast cancer. Regular consumption of black cumin or black cumin seed oil massage can protect women from breast cancer. Furthermore, black cumin can also destroy breast cancer cells quite efficiently. [Read Reports]

Brain Cancer

It was a time, when brain cancer was thought to be a rare disease, but these days, it has also become quite a widespread disease. Thymoquinone of black cumin helps to protect us or prevent us from the fatality of brain cancer cells. [Read Reports]

Liver Cancer

The name “liver” indicates this this is an organ particularly valuable for life! Liver cancer is a killer and the scientific literature reports that black cumin seed can be helpful!  [Read Reports]

Cervical Cancer

Black cumin was reported in 2013 to be of great benefit for people with cervical cancer. “Nigella sativa produced an 88.3% inhibition of proliferation of human cervical cancer cells.” [Read Reports]


Thymoquinone, an extract from Nigella Sativa was discovered to induce mitochondrial mediated apoptosis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia in vitro.  [Read Reports]

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