What is special about the 3 seed drink?

Q&A with Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. regarding Soul © 2015


“Soul is a unique food form composed of finely ground up whole, organic, non-GMO healing seeds (Black Cumin, Black Raspberry, Chardonnay Grape) sweetened with two blood sugar lowering 5-carbon sugars Ribose and Xylitol as well a 5 grams of cane juice. In my 30 years of caring for people, I have never experienced a product which delivers such a broad spectrum of benefits as Soul.”

– Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.  



Q- Why is seed nutrition so important and valuable?

A- Seeds are the source of life.  These tiny capsules contain all of the nutrients and all of the genetic material to reproduce a fully functional plant.  Intuitively, we all appreciate the perfection and power of the seed.  Functionally, seeds are the most nutrient dense food available to we human beings.  RAIN International (offering the products SOUL and CORE) is the world leader in the ascending field of seed nutrition, and is the only company focusing on the even more exciting niche of “whole seed” nutrition.  Most seed products feature seed oils, but RAIN offers us the nutritional powerhouse of the whole seed, ground into tasty, bioavailable and convenient food supplements that are like dining in the VIP lounge of nutrition.  Our bodies are designed with an amazing momentum toward health. When we optimally nourish our bodies, we support the real “miracle worker” ~ the human body.


Q- What is SOUL, and why is it so important?

A- SOUL is made from the whole ground seeds of organically sourced, non-GMO black cumin seed, black raspberry seed, chardonnay grape seed, d-ribose, and some natural sugars that specifically do not raise blood sugar or insulin levels.  These seeds have been known for thousands of years to have important healing properties.  The black cumin seed, in particular, is one of the most safe and effective anti-inflammatory agents known.  In fact, it was said thousands of years ago to “cure everything but death”.  Today, we understand that chronic, excessive inflammation is killing us.  All degenerative diseases are made worse because of too much inflammation.  If we can reduce inflammation, we can go a long way toward improving our health.  Every disease, whether heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, autism, eczema, diabetes, and every condition that ends with “itis” (meaning “inflamed” ~ arthritis means “inflamed joints”) is associated with too much inflammation.  Cutting edge research in cancer, heart disease, and the psychiatric fields are all pointing to the importance of reducing inflammation to address these diseases. Yet, the prescription and over the counter anti-inflammatories all have problematic side effects.  They damage the liver and kidneys.  SOUL does not have these problematic side-effects.  Rather, the side effects of SOUL is nothing other than… GOOD NUTRITION!



Q- “I have been taking Soul for a week now for joint pain.  I notice a lift in my mood, I have more energy and sleep better but I haven’t noticed as much relief in my joints. Am I doing something wrong? My friend had relief immediately.”

A- Soul works systemically and it also works topically when people first drink 90% of a 2 oz. packet of Soul and then rub the remaining 10% on any area of concern because the seed oils penetrate the skin delivering all the benefits of these seeds directly to the strained area. However, the FDA defines a nutritional supplement as something taken orally and not something applied to the skin. Therefore neither the manufacturer Rain International nor its thousands of independent distributors recommend or endorse people rubbing Soul on the skin. Nevertheless, people experiment and share important information.


Q- “I weigh more than 200 lbs. I heard that a lot of people were loosing weight by taking Soul.  Do I need to take more per day because of my weight?  Can I take too much? What is the daily recommended dosage?”

A- The question of dosage always involves an understanding of how much of the receiving person’s body needs to be remedied. A bigger person typically needs more Soul. We have found that people over 200 pounds benefit from starting at the normal dosage of one packet twice a day, specifically one packet first thing in the morning and one packet last thing before sleep. But after 3 days, the dosage can be doubled and typically the person will lose cravings being so well nourished and having the satiety, which results from eating healthy seed oils.


Q- “Why do the testimonies on Soul cover such a wide range of aliments, from Cancer to Diabetes to heart disease to weight loss and concussions? It sounds to good to be true!”

A- Although it is powerful, we need to remember that Soul is not a drug. It is a food (ground up seeds) and defined as a dietary supplement. Therefore, Soul does not treat diseases like cancer and arthritis. In America, the FDA and Big Pharma create and enforce a legal environment where only drugs can treat illnesses. (Of course, this becomes a problem when someone suffers from dehydration because the treatment is…. water!). That said, all ailments are lessened when the body is well nourished. The human body is the miracle worker, not SOUL. But when the body is optimally nourished, it fights to regenerate and function optimally.


Q- “I twisted my ankle, the doctor told me it was a bad sprain…would Soul help?”

A- Many professional and Olympic athletes testify that Soul has helped enhance their performance and their recovery. In all instances they drank the Soul but also they rubbed Soul on the areas of concern, allowed the seed oils to soak in through the skin for 5 minutes and then they experienced the benefit they desired.


Q- “Can Soul help me with PMS?  I miss too many days of work every month because of pain.”

A- Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or tension (PMT) is a hormonal imbalance (typically a deficiency of progesterone) but it is amplified by inflammation. Any anti-inflammatory agent can lessen the discomfort associated with PMS/T and optimize healthy endocrine function.


Q- “I am very healthy, I don’t have any problems.  I take vitamins so why is this product any different from the vitamins I get at the health food store?”

A- Soul is a super, natural food being so concentrated and nutrient dense. The seed is not designed to have MOST of what the new growing plant needs. It has ALL of that life requires. The seed can grow an entire new plant. Therefore, Soul contains all essential vitamins and minerals as well as non-rancid, unadulterated seed oils and therefore is more beneficial then synthetic vitamins and extracted refined seed oils. The whole crushed seed is the most nutritional food on earth.


Q- “For the past 20 years, Dr. Weeks, you have encouraged me to take high quality fish oil. Now you tell me that fish and krill oil is not only less beneficial than seed oils, but fish and krill oil is actually dangerous. Can you explain?”

A- Great question! The best explanation for this about-face requires an understanding that science itself is a methodology of inquiry and does not claim to be a static body of knowledge. That is why there are scientific revolutions – yesterday the earth was flat according to the experts, today, new experts know that the earth is round. In years past, scientists and medical doctors interpreted the data regarding the benefits of fish oil incorrectly and in many instances the actual peer-reviewed scientific data was either inaccurate or worse, fraudulent being simply thinly veiled marketing efforts by fish oil companies to drive sales. This is, admittedly, a shocking claim given that the world’s most popular nutritional supplement is… fish oil! How might so many smart doctors be wrong?

       I have always told my patients “I stand firmly on the shifting sands of science.” meaning, I will change my therapeutic recommendations if good science shows me that my prior recommendations are now invalid. With that caveat, I can tell you that there is a revolution underway today in health care and informed, scientifically-oriented doctors are no longer recommending fish and krill oil because actually these molecules, while healthy for fish swimming in near freezing water (acting like antifreeze for fish) are not healthy for humans. Why? Because these long-chain fatty acids are highly unstable at human temperature (98.6 degrees) so they become oxidized and rancid immediately – before they impart any benefit – and then in their dysfunctional state, are nevertheless incorporated into our cell membranes where they compromise cell function by suffocating cells and inhibiting healthy commerce in and out of the cell. When I myself first heard this theory, I thought it was nonsense. Then, I diligently studied the arguments that engineer Brian Peskin was offering to doctors and I became convinced. I admitted to myself and my patients and readers that I was wrong. I changed my mind as any honest scientist would when the data persuades. (If you want to learn more and participate in the revolution away from fish and krill oil see www.peo-solution.com). Good News: this warning to avoid taking fish and krill oil and to instead eat whole, ground up, unadulterated, organic, seed oils does not mean you should avoid eating healthy fish as part of your diet. The danger is not from eating healthy fish, but rather from ingesting concentrated fish or krill oil capsules.


Q- “I keep Soul in my first-aid kit and by the stove.  Friends of mine have severely burned themselves and within a minute had relief from the pain and were blister and scar free. How does that work?”

A- Topical Soul feeds the skin by delivering trans-dermally the identical fatty acids which the skin is comprised of and these reinforcements function to rehabilitate the area of damaged skin. It is also used to fortify the skin and prevent sensations of discomfort for fair skinned people who spend too much time in the sun.


Q- I am diabetic and have high blood pressure, can I take Soul?

A- Yes. Soul is optimal nutrition since seeds are the most nutrient dense food on earth. All chronic degenerative illnesses such as heart disease, asthma, cancer and, of course, diabetes are improved with good nutrition. It is important to understand that 5 of the 6 ingredients in Soul actually improve the body’s ability to deal with sugar. Therefore, since people drinking experienced lowered blood sugar, the manufacturer added 5 grams of cane juice (sugar!) to offset this effect. In addition, the unadulterated seed oils in Soul optimize membrane function which also is a great benefit to people with diabetes.


Q- “I notice my skin looking better, people keep telling me I look younger. I have been only taking this for 2 months…how is this possible?  Does aging have anything to do with inflammation?”

A- The seed is a time capsule designed to carry genetic material into the future so that the plant can reproduce itself. Being as it is crammed full of crushed seeds, Soul contains fragments of genetic material – DNA and RNA – which constitute spare parts for the restoration of genetic function. This occurs in all cells of the body making Soul the oldest new anti-aging treatment protocol.


Q- “I’ve taken Soul for a couple of days and I have loose bowels, do I need to be concerned?”

A – Soul is sweetened by 3 natural sugars, once of which, xylitol, is a 5 carbon sweetener which dentists recommend because it kills strept mutans (bacteria that cause cavities). What we also know is that xylitol also kills yeast, and if someone happens to have an overgrowth of candida (yeast) when starting SOUL, then the die off of the yeast (candida) can result in a temporary cleansing in the form of diarrhea. If this happens, it is best to keep taking Soul and speed up the cleansing. The diarrhea will stop and people feel great when cleansed.


Q- “My grandson has autism, has anybody ever had results giving Soul for autism?” 

A – Yes, typically children with autism (or with any disorder on the autistic spectrum) experience disrupted cognitive processing to the degree that they experience inflammation. Autism is an illness condition which can be caused by a number of factors but regardless of the cause, these cognitive disorders are driven by inflammation. Neuro-inflammatory cytokines create a cognitive blurring which inhibit perception and communication and processing of stimuli (autism and the spectrum disorders) which is why autism is classified as a disease of inflammation. When people take Soul they describe the cognitive enhancement as similar to being able to “use the windshield wipers while driving in a rain storm”. The other example we hear is that taking Soul is like finally finding spot of the radio dial where the radio station comes in clear. The static disappears and the music is clear. Mothers report such delight and gratitude when their autistic child finally looks them in the eye and becomes more engaged in the world around him or her.


Q- “Can people with diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) take Soul after their doctors told them not to eat seeds?”

A- Yes. Remember although Soul is derived from seeds, it is no longer in seed form. Rather, it is ground into a fine powder. The problem with eating seeds for people who suffer these illnesses is that the actual seed can get stuck and lodge in a fold of their irritated intestine wall and further irritate the tissue. The seed flour, being ground finely into a power does not irritate the tissue and instead it soothes the tissue. One helpful example is to consider that we can’t eat ice, but when it is transformed into water, we can consume that with no problem. Seeds irritate, seed flour does not. Seed flour heals.


Q- “Can children take Soul?”

A- Yes. Children can drink Soul beginning at the same time that they stop breast feeding and convert either to formula or baby food. These organic, non-GMO, whole seed drinks are nutrient dense and deliver the unadulterated seed oils which build healthy brain and nervous tissue and optimize healthy development.


To purchase SOUL please visit   RAIN International at this website



About Dr. Weeks:

Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. is the Founder and Medical Director of Alternative Health Advocates, an educational and advocacy service for people seeking counsel when facing life threatening illnesses. Located on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Weeks has 25 years of experience integrating conventional and innovative medicine into the field of “corrective medicine and psychiatry” which identifies and corrects deficiencies and toxicities on the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual spheres. (www.weeksclinic.com) Early work with venoms led to a study in immunology and in 1986, he founded and was president of the American Apitherapy Society (www.apitherapy.org) while editing the society journal “BeeWell”. Mentoring by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD led to Dr. Weeks serving on the board of the International Schizophrenia Foundation and helping develop orthomolecular psychiatry (www.orthomed.org) and psycho-neuro-immunology. The focus of his work has always been education towards empowerment and freedom for the individual struggling towards health. A charter and founding member of International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (www.ioicp.com) he is one of 3 doctors in the USA who is certified to teach IPT to medical doctors. He offers “centisble” (i.e. safe, effective and cost-effective) therapeutic options for people facing life-threatening chronic degenerative diseases. A pioneer in onco-immunology, he has lectured over the past five years about the revolution in oncology teaching that cancer STEM cells (the only cells which metastasize) should be the target for treatment, and not the relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cells (which chemotherapy and radiation target). (www.weeksclinic.com/correctivehealth/lectures/). He has developed effective “centsible” cancer treatments including potent anti-inflammatory and genetic repair protocols. Constantly challenged by orthodox oncologists and state medical boards, Dr. Weeks became, out of necessity politically active and founded the Washington Integrative Medical Association (www.wishmds.org) to help citizens protect their health care freedom of choice. His newsletter Centsible Health is free to those interested in learning about tomorrow’s medicine today! (https://weeksmd.com/contact/enews)


To discuss you health concerns with Dr. Weeks, contact the AHA offices at info@alternativehealthadvocates.com and request the intake forms.

NOTICE: This information is reference material only and should not be used to diagnose disease, suggest therapy for disease or as a substitute for consultation with the licensed medical doctor. Diagnoses and treatment must be made by a licensed physician using all aspects of laboratory results, physical examinations, and patient history. These materials are intended for educational and training purposes. They are provided as part of the educational program for Alternative Health Advocates. This educational information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and, despite being authored by medical doctors, is specifically not intended to constitute the practice of medicine. Any and all of this information should NOT be a substitute for or replace appropriate consultation and treatment by a local health care practitioner.

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