Finally – a patented cancer STEM cell killing drug.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Now that money can be made in killing the real cancer danger (i.e., the cancer STEM cells and not the relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cells), we will see the standard of care paradigm shift away from toxic chemo and radiation towards anti-inflammatory agents (which is what patent # 8,263,571 does… it acts as a gene silencer in much the same way that anti-inflammatory agents do).  It will be expensive so avail yourselves of Seeds of Eden the safe and effective anti-inflammatory drink made from whole crushed organic non-GMO seeds.


Regen BioPharma implements gene silencing technology in killing cancer stem cells

Published on August 24, 2015

Regen BioPharma Inc. (OTCBB: RGBP) and (PINK: RGBP) reported today the successful implementation of its gene silencing technology, covered by patent # 8,263,571, in killing cancer stem cells. The technology involves using RNA interference to block expression of the cancer-sustaining gene Brother of the Regulator of Imprinted Sites (BORIS) by a process termed “gene silencing”.

In a publication in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One, independent researchers at the Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland reported that blocking the BORIS gene results in a profound reduction of breast cancer and colon cancer stem cells. In addition, the researchers verified the original findings that BORIS is a “master orchestrator” of the process of tumor formation, growth and metastasis.

“From 2006-2008, together with a team of scientists from the Institute of Molecular Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, we published that vaccinating against BORIS results in immune response against and tumor regression in breast cancer, melanoma, and glioma. Subsequently we published that gene silencing of BORIS can be utilized to selectively kill breast cancer cells[5],” stated Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer of Regen BioPharma. “As we saw in the recent publication, the role of BORIS as an “Achilles Heel” of cancer is becoming more and more apparent. We are currently in the process of advancing our gene-silencing based approaches, in part by leveraging lessons we are learning during dCellVax development, in order to file an IND for BORIS gene silencing technology.”

Regen BioPharma is currently using gene silencing for immune modulation in its dCellVax program, as well as various nuclear receptors in its other cancer stem cell targeting program.

“The current programs in development, HemaXellerate, dCellVax, and gene silencing of nuclear receptors are all intertwined so that experiences from one program help to accelerate the other programs. By collaborating with academic and corporate entities on a continual basis, we strive to be at the cutting edge of science, while rapidly aiming to commercialize and add value to our science,” said David Koos, PhD, Chairman and CEO of Regen BioPharma.

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