The heart is a tube folded upon itself

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  In my recent lecture given to NHIMA in Reno Nevada, I encouraged people to eat raw, crushed , whole seeds and supported that dietary recommendation by describing that the seed is an imploding, multi-step, power-generating vortex (similar to the human heart and uterus and all organs).

As an aside, I referenced 4 amazing videos regarding the revolutionary work of a single scientist Francisco Torrent Guasp (1930-2005)  long ostracized for his innovative concepts and clinical applications called  “Unfolding the Human Heart” – these 4 amazing videos are WELL WORTH studying today:


Note: Dr. Rudolf Steiner taught in 1910  “All form is arrested flow.”  and so now we see with our own eyes that the heart is a muscular tube folded upon itself in a helical form.  In physics, a vortex follows the path of least resistance so what it creates is the zenith of vitality.

Seed membranes are laminates which create a vortex through a sieve effect via consecutively smaller pores. The SEED in the benefactor of that vortex of light / life energy which is biological potentization.

So…  “eat the seeds!”  :

Best Practice:

  1. Buy bulk, organic, non-GMO, non-irradiated raw, living seeds;  (chia, hemp, pumpkin, black cumin, grape, raspberry, lemon, flax etc.)
  2. Freeze the seeds in individual glass bottles;
  3. Every morning grind a tablespoon of each in a coffee grinder;
  4. Eat immediately!

But since most people will not prioritize or be able to do this labor intensive effort,  why not “rip and sip” the seeds when they as whole organic raw and non-GMO seeds are ground up into seed flour and packaged in a manner to guarantee no oxidation and no rancidity? Let’s be practical!

Most Practical:  “Convenience leads to Compliance”

SOUL for regeneration and anti-inflammation
CORE for detoxification and alkalization                                                                                                      FORM for anabolic restoration -protein powder

These and other “Centisble” solutions available from






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