Know your stem cells – its a matter of life and death.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  In corporate medicine today (where the doctor works for profit-minded mega corporations -albeit legally labeled as “non-profit”), sadly, until the solution is profitable the problem is not focused upon.  We saw this conflict of interest with the homocysteine debacle in the 1980’s wherein excellent scientists like Dr. Kilmer McCully were banished to relative isolation with research funds cut off because they refuted the “cholesterol-creates-heart-disease” paradigm and demonstrated that homocysteine is a more dangerous independent risk factor than high cholesterol for heart disease. The problem was that cholesterol drugs were patentable and therefore renumerative whereas the solution to high homocysteine was cheap being approximately 50cents a day for adequate vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B6.  So even today, 20 years later, most cardiologists will test your blood for lipids (cholesterols total HDL and LDL) but not for homocysteine.

Here is a more current and equally troubling example of clinical practice ignoring proven science: your oncologist is earning her or his keep by advising you that your best option is to take the standard of care option which is to target and kill your cancer TUMOR cells with oxidative therapies: chemotherapy and/or radiation (and perhaps surgery) while at the same time, shouting to them from the pages of respected peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, the top cancer researchers are all teaching that “chemotherapy and radiation make your cancer worse”  because while they kill cancer TUMOR cells, they make the really lethal cancer cell, the cancer STEM cell “more numerous and more virulent”.  Stanford, Harvard, Michigan – all around America, the top cancer researchers are encouraging practicing oncologists to target cancer STEM cells with anti-inflammatory agents, but alas!  the debacle of “cut, burn, poison” (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) continues and is gaining momentum. 

So if you are not clear on the difference between cancer STEM cells and the relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cells – watch this video   or this video.

If you are confused about the health-giving STEM cells and the death-dealing cancer STEM cells,  study this website from Stanford’s Ludwig Center –  The Two Faces of STEM cells.

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Stem Cells and Cancer

The Ludwig Center for Cancer Stem Cell Research and Medicine at Stanford is dedicated to investigating cancer and its treatment from the perspective of stem cell biology and medicine. The view that cancer is driven by cancer stem cells (CSCs) has the capacity to change the whole field of cancer research and lead to entirely new, targeted cancer therapies that cure cancer without the toxicities that are common in most current treatments.

What are Stem Cells?

What is Cancer?

The Cancer Stem Cell Theory

Case Study: Leukemia

CSCs and Cancer Treatment


….  Then, once you are clear about your STEM cells  (which will save you and which will kill you!)  eat an anti-inflammatory diet of crushed whole organic non-GMO seeds  or “rip and sip” the convenient anti-inflammatory diet in a packet. 

and ask your oncologist these 4 questions.

The Four Question for your Oncologist  according to the tenants of Corrective Cancer Care™

1) Why are you not recommending any safe anti-inflammatory agents?

(share this article with her or him from NATURE December 2014)

and this article   and this article and   this article)

2) Why do you offer us chemotherapy patients candy and cake and cookies after chemotherapy believing that “any calorie is a good calorie” since cancer feeds preferentially on sugar?

(share this article with your oncologist)

3) What will you recommend to enhance my health while you kill my cancer TUMOR cells

(remember the surgeon who reported “The surgery was a success but the patient diet.”

4) How is your recommended treatment going to effect my cancer STEM cells?

don’t let the oncologist make things worse for you! )

Warning:  It can become quite quiet and uncomfortable when a patient asks the right questions and determines whether or not the doctor is up-to-date on the research!

Meanwhile….    slowly but surely, drug development companies are seeing ways to patent drugs designed to target (FINALLY!) the real dangerous cell  – the cancer STEM cell  –  this is one of many who are investing according to what the smart scientists are teaching.   NOTE:  many if not most of these new drugs in development function as anti-inflammatory agents.  So again, until they are FDA approved and you are given the opportunity to spend an excessive amount on them, just eat the anti-inflammatory diet.



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