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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  I am 61 and my grandfather suffered with Alzheimer’s disease and now, over the past 8 years my father, now 94 is having trouble with him memory.  So, in addition to eating organic and drinking good water (free of fluoride and chloride) and exercising and oxygenating my blood and using my brain (use it or lose it)  do you wonder what the doctor is taking to delay the development of age-related dementia and cognitive decline? How is the doctor feeding his genes right to work around what is perhaps a genetic predisposition?

Dr. Weeks takes these 7 neuro-protective supplements:

  1. SOUL
  2. CORE
  3. DrDetox™
  4. FMC
  5. Lithate
  6. Turb-O2™
  7. Calm Cream™


Here is the science behind each of these products:


(1/2 half of this crushed whole seed drink is black cumin seed – thymoquinol)

Black Cumin Seeds and my memory

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Alzheimer’s is defined as a neuro-inflammatory disease. How would you like to eat a seed packed with anti-inflammatory benefits which has been scientifically proven to help with memory (dementia) attention (ADHD and ADD)  and cognition (psychosis, learning disorders)? 

“….The current study demonstrates the role of NS in enhancing memory, attention and cognition…”  

  Read more HERE



helps with natural processes of detoxification and excretion of pesticides and herbicides and heavy metals with spirulina, chlorophyllin, dandelion, kale wheat grass and the seeds of the milk thistle and the cranberry. Read more HERE.

DrDetox™  –

“DrDetox fulfills the promise of zeolite”  Garry Gordon MD Tiny enough to enter and detoxify all cells,  water soluble – DrDetox is like having 1 billion cleaning ladies scrubbing away at your decades of accumulated biotoxins. Call with questions.

FMC™ –

Focus Memory Concentration) – these nutrients the powerful alpha lipoic acid and acetyl -L- carnitine are rescue agents for mitochondrial function and are neuro-protective. Read THIS

Lithate   –

Low dose lithium is a neuro-protective agent. Read THIS

Turb-O2 –

Your aging brain is starving for oxygen. Turb-O2 delivers stabilized molecular oxygen. Measure it with your finger pulse oximeter! Read THIS

Calm Cream™  

  • Transdermal progesterone with calming seed oils – neuro-regenerative progesterone is a balm to the nervous system in general, and to the brain in particular. Read THIS



Call with questions.

And feel welcome to search  using terms like  “memory” or “Alzheimer’s”  for updates.


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