Bio-Identical Progesterone for Everyone

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Progesterone is universally mistaken to be only a female hormone – and for good reason, as its name reveals: pro-gestation  (i.e. aids in a pregnant woman enjoying a safe full-term delivery of a happy healthy baby). But progesterone could as easily be called “anti-anxiety hormone” or “weight loss hormone”  or “anti-estrogenic cancer hormone” or even “healthy bone building hormone”. The only reason it is named “progesterone” is that it was first isolated by scientists who identified its role in the female menstrual cycle (it aids ovulation).

 But progesterone is endogenous to the male of the species and is very beneficial for men and boys and infants.

Corrective Cancer Care™ doctors often have to correct oncologists who prohibit the cancer patient from taking bio-identical progesterone upon learning that their cancer patient has “progesterone receptor positive” status. Even Wikipedia knows better considering the indication to be not scientifically justifiable:  “Progesterone also appears to be involved in the pathophysiology of breast cancer, though its role, and whether it is a promoter or inhibitor of breast cancer risk, has not been fully elucidatedAnd our friends at Wikipedia further assert that progesterone has anti-cancer benefits in treating endometrial cancer:  “Progesterone appears to prevent endometrial cancer (involving the uterine lining) by regulating the effects of estrogen.”   Read this link for the best science justifying giving bio-identical progesterone to cancer patients who are progesterone receptor positive.

I have helped hundreds of “infertile” or women unable to carry their baby to term experience the awe of childbirth and parenting by offering progesterone which minimizing the possibility of miscarriage. Humbly I have accepted the honor of a few healthy children being named “Bradford. Pregnant women report easier pregnancies – less irritability and mood swings and less pain with delivery since progesterone is a powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory neurohormone.

Progesterone”™s other health benefits are myriad and impressive: it improves skin elasticity and bone strength, enhances respiration (reduces bronchial spasm), regulates menstrual irregularities, normalizes blood clotting and blood vessel tone, enhances nerve conduction and repair, blocks insulin which aids weight loss and blood sugar swings and lowers adrenalin and associated stress and anxiety; actors and students use it for stage fright and performance anxiety respectively.

Progesterone increases core temperature during ovulation (hence allowing temperature taking as a method of birth control) but this increase in temperature and metabolic rate also serves enhance hypothyroid function and finally allow one to burn fat for a more fit and toned body.

Bio-Identical progesterone is best utilized if rubbed on as a transdermal cream. Oral progesterone suffers the “first pass metabolism” wherein most of the hormone is degraded in the liver and not bioavailable. Transdermal progesterone does not get degraded.

 Now don’t be fooled by either ignorant or careless doctors who try to tell you the PROGESTIN is “synthetic progesterone”. It is NOT. It is a near miss. However, – surprise surprise…  progestin is indeed a patentable and profitable and prescription near miss knock-off which is not only less beneficial than the real thing (bio-identical progesterone) but is actually dangerous!   Read this important LINK and read this LINK

And for me, progesterone also helps fight cancer, especially prostate cancer,  being as it is anti-estrogen (estrogen is classified a a carcinogen) but also because if its anti-inflammatory and blood sugar lowering benefit.  Don’t forget bio-identical progesterone build strong bones, so Corrective Cancer Care™ doctors give it to help prevent or reverse metastatic cancer lesions in bone.

Where to get the optimal bio-identical progesterone?  I am biased as I formulated the Calm Cream™ described below:




To read more about bio-identical progesterone,  enjoy this article “Female Problems” from 1995 and feel free to browse the extensive 25 year old library at buy searching “progesterone” or “cancer” or any topic of interest.




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