What killed your loved one?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: What killed your loved one who had cancer and accepted conventional oncology treatments – the standard of care:  chemotherapy and radiation.  Here is a piece suggesting that chemo is the killer.  Here is Prof. Max Wicha, Director of Wicha Lab at U. Michigan who states “chemotherapy and radiation make your cancer worse“. Here is my videotaped lecture high-lighting that hidden “side-effect” i.e death.

“…deaths from cancer treatment are quite common – one in 10 cancer patients, he was told, die not from their cancers but from their prescribed treatments…”


Chemotherapy worse than ISIS? At least 15,000 people killed every year by cancer treatments


(NaturalNews) It’s the gift that keeps on giving: ISIS, and the constant terror threat from this extremist group that acts as an enabler for the federal government to perpetually reinforce its security, surveillance, military, police state, and privacy invasion apparatus across the nation and throughout the world. But did you know that there’s an even bigger threat lurking at your local oncologist’s office?

Chemotherapy, the bread and butter of the cancer industry’s multi-billion-dollar sick care system, kills far more people every year than ISIS terrorists, according to Iraqi-British politician Maurice Saatchi. Saatchi’s wife, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, died in 2011 after being treated with the chemical poison, which remains the standard protocol for treating cancer throughout the West.

After consulting with multiple senior medical professionals, Saatchi came to the stark realization that deaths from cancer treatment are quite common – one in 10 cancer patients, he was told, die not from their cancers but from their prescribed treatments. Both chemotherapy and radiation treatments weaken patients’ immune systems to such a degree that their bodies are unable to both fight the cancer and support life.

The result is that cancer patients end up dying from infections that could have been prevented had their immune systems not been damaged by chemical poisons and radiation, which indiscriminately destroy all cells, both healthy and malignant.

“What we do know is that the cancer drugs do such damage to the immune system that the patient is helpless to resist fatal infections like E.coli or MRSA or septicemia,” stated Saatchi, noting that some 15,000 cancer patients die every single year as a result of conventional cancer treatments.

Many people aren’t aware of this fact, he added, because the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Office for National Statistics only docments “the single underlying cause of death,” which of course it simply records as “cancer.” But the truth is that cancer often isn’t the cause of cancer patients’ early deaths.

“In other words it doesn’t record what is known as the sequence of causation, sometimes known as the sequence of conditions that led to the actual death,” he’s quoted as saying by The Telegraph (U.K.).

Saatchi introduces legislation to peel back legal gag orders preventing doctors from treating cancer patients alternatively

For years, Natural News and other alternative media outlets have been warning readers that cancer treatments are often more threatening than cancer itself! And we’ve been called kooky conspiracy theorists and worse for publishing this truth, though now the tables are starting to turn.

Mainstream politicians, medical professionals, doctors, academic researchers, scientists and others are beginning to come out of the woodwork to admit what we’ve been saying all along – that something needs to change, and quickly, if we’re going to make any real strides towards actual cancer prevention and curative medicine.

“We don’t want patients being treated like mice, but the current state of law on medical negligence requires [doctors] to stick to the standard, well-worn procedure,” Saatchi added, noting that oncologists’ hands are tied by political correctness and pharmaceutical corruption, disallowing them the freedom to explore other cancer treatment modalities like the Gerson Method, for instance, or Phoenix Tears cannabis preparations.

Saatchi recently introduced a piece of legislation in the House of Lords entitled the “Medical Innovation Bill” that would allow doctors in the U.K. to custom-craft innovative cancer treatments without fear of retribution by government authorities or special interest groups.

“We want responsible innovation,” he told legislators. “My motive for this bill is exactly the same as what the relatives of the bereaved say on the news every night – if I can help one other person from a fate like this that would be a blessing.”

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