“a Mafia-like approach”

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Medical boards are charged with protecting the public but what should happen when the fully informed patient decides she or he wants to receive a treatment which is not the standard of care from an experienced and qualified physician? Should the medical board be allowed to interfere with the therapeutic relationship between patient and physician?  Here is what one doctor is experiencing from what he termed “a mafia-like approach”  and let’s see what happens when the Senator gets involved.  “The medical orthodoxy in this country is a law unto itself,” Senator Madigan said.



Doctor claims campaign of intimidation over Lyme disease treatment.

Senator John Madigan says the ”˜lives of Australians are at stake’. Picture: Gary Ramage

A MELBOURNE doctor specialising in the treatment of Lyme disease says he is being harassed out of the profession.

The medic who came forward, on condition of anonymity, has been treating patients suffering the debilitating effects of Lyme disease at his inner-city clinic for decades.

But he may be forced to close the practice due to what he calls a campaign of intimidation by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency culminating in a forthcoming disciplinary hearing.

Senator John Madigan, who in November setup a senate inquiry into ”˜Lyme-like illnesses’ in Australia, has slammed AHPRA’s conduct saying they were putting patient’s lives at risk by targeting doctors treating the disease.

“The medical orthodoxy in this country is a law unto itself,” Senator Madigan said.

“In relation to Lyme disease I am seeing a mafia-like approach to doctors at the cutting edge who are helping patients in a tangible way.



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