Alternative Health Advocates

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  ALTERNATIVE HEALTH ADVOCATES LLC. is available to educate and advocate for you and a loved one with the goal of helping you and your loved on optimize care with your local doctors. 


 “I called AHA when I was first told I had cancer. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not.”

“Having AHA at my side when my mother had been given up on by the medical establishment was a life-saver.”

“I am so glad I did not settle for the standard of care! Who knew there were such safe and effective and cost-effective alternatives? AHA taught me to insist on being fully informed.”

“Having AHA to call at any time is like having a brilliant doctor in the family. Now I call AHA first thing when I need to figure out my best options. Also, my doctor really appreciates the recommendations of AHA. ”


Our clients are convinced that their health is too important to leave any stone unturned in the quest to find solutions to serious health problems. If you want truly independent, unbiased and effective advocacy who’s only priority is making certain that every reasonable health option is presented in a concise manner with full disclosure of related risks and benefits from a team of experts – with nothing to sell – then, you may want to consider having AHA at your side during crucial times of considering your optimal health strategies.

Alternative Health Advocates, LLC. (“AHA”) is a multi-disciplinary health advocacy and coaching company. Our mission is to research and present optimal strategic options for people foundering in the throes of a sub-optimal relationships with the overwhelming and often impersonal medical-industrial complex which often struggles to offer personalized health care in a consistent and responsible manner. We educate and empower clients to navigate the complex, often confusing and always stressful health care system. We stay current on breaking scientific research and parse the overwhelming body of health-related literature – worldwide – so as to help clients access the type and quality of health care services that best meet their goals. Sadly, most innovations in medicine take decades to become standard of care; we present tomorrow’s medicine today.

Principals Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. and Laura S. Weeks, M.B.A. are uniquely qualified to support your determining the best strategies for your health challenges. AHA advocates on your behalf with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies seeking optimal health outcomes. Formerly practicing medicine for more than twenty years before transitioning to focus exclusively on health advocacy and coaching, Brad and his associates will leave no stone unturned when the stakes are the your health and well-being and that of your family and loved ones. AHA will not replace your doctor since AHA does not offer medical services. Specifically, AHA does not diagnose or prescribe prescription medications as treatment for diseases or illnesses. We educate you so that your conversations with your doctor, insurance company or hospital administrators are more productive and beneficial for you and your loved ones. To freely consent to a treatment, one needs to be fully informed – tragically, this is a rare event in today’s hurried health care world.

AHA is a fee-for-service company and accordingly, its educational and advocacy services are not reimbursable by any third-party health insurance. This is because, quite simply, AHA works entirely and exclusively for YOU. AHA exists only serve and protect your health with no other conflicting loyalties except what’s best for you. Finally you can avail yourself of genuine health advocacy where there are no conflicts of interest.

For more information and to learn how AHA can help you and your loved ones, you are most welcome to call 360-341-2303 or email in order to schedule a complimentary session with an associate of AHA. Do that today and we’ll carry on this conversation at a time most convenient for you.

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