The best $3.99 you can spend

Rent the movie about the Fraud at the CDC.

Learn about the subpoenas being filed.

Stream the Film Instantly

Stream the Film Instantly

Due to popular demand, you can now rent a digital stream of Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe. This is an exclusive offer and the film’s official (and only) streaming option until September. Please note that for the time being, the Vaxxed stream will only be available in the United States and Canada.

Here is the trailer for Vaxxed

Now spend $4.00  and watch this and share it!

Why?  Because there are over 1 million NEW CASES OF AUTISM each year.

1 million new lives destroyed each year!


Rent the Vaxxed Stream

Once you have started watching the film, you will have 72 hours to finish. Rent for $3.99.

Gift the Vaxxed Stream

Know somebody that should see Vaxxed? Gift them your purchase during checkout. All you will need is their email address. Learn more about gifting a product here. US and Canada only.


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