No cell phone in your bra please

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Most of you who read WeeksMD on a regular basis know not to do this already having read THIS in 2013 and THIS and most recently THIS.  But it bear repeating since the bra is a convenient place to keep a cell phone.


So please remind the women and teenage girls in your life NOT to keep their cell phone in their bra because that will kill them.  

Share this with them,  a great
 website on this topic.
  • It includes a video about a young woman (Donna Jayne, younger than age 40) with no genetic risk factors contracting a very rare form of breast cancer with tumors in the areas on her breast next to where she stored her cell phone.
  • Also a video from Dr. Lisa Bailey, breast surgeon and former president of the American Cancer Society in California
  • Also links to studies for breast cancer and cell phones and a case study of young women under 40 who carried their cell phones in their bras and developed breast cancer
If you know someone who developed breast cancer in this manner, please ask him/her to fill out a testimonial on  If you know anyone who has symptoms from wireless or has developed cancer from wireless, please let them know about (The website was launched just a couple weeks ago, and still needs many tweaks and all stories have not been posted yet, so please excuse the dust.)

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