Cleaning house at the CDC – finally

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Tom Frieden was the chief of the CDC during its most humiliating hour. Under his leadership, the national epidemic of autism (more than 1 million new cases a year!) has been not only ignored but actually obfuscated while rampant  fraud and corruption was evidenced by whistleblowing by a senior scientist WIlliam Thompson and allegations of intentional damage to thousands of children are still being investigated. VAXXED tells all we have of the story until Congressman Jason Chaffetz develops a sense of service and authorizes whistleblower to testify .  


Now…  the swamp begins to drain.

Donald Trump is clarion clear on the role of vaccines and autism. 



Frieden to Resign as CDC Director

By Pat Anson, Editor

Dr. Thomas Frieden, who has headed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for nearly eight years and played a pivotal role in the agency’s opioid prescribing guidelines, plans to submit his resignation on January 20, the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Frieden disclosed his plans in a year-end interview with Reuters. The former New York City health commissioner did not say what he planned to do next.

Frieden’s resignation is not surprising, as incoming administrations usually do not retain the heads of federal agencies, most of whom are political appointees.  Food and Drug Commissioner Robert Califf, MD, who has only been in office for 10 months, has not been contacted by the Trump transition team and is also expected to be replaced, according to The Washington Post. 

President-elect Trump has not yet said who his nominee will be to succeed Califf or who he will appoint to replace Frieden.


Frieden undoubtedly had good intentions, but his agency repeatedly showed a penchant for arrogance and contempt for the public while drafting the guidelines.  The CDC held no public hearings, and secretly consulted with addiction treatment specialists and special interest groups, but few pain patients or pain physicians.

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